[NEWS] 140127 YG Yang Hyun Suk Talks About Winner′s Debut Date


YG’s Yang Hyun Suk shared more details about Winner’s upcoming debut schedules.

When the YG CEO met with reporters on January 26, he said, “I will be debuting four new groups this year, with Winner being one of them.”

“Originally, Winner was to debut right after Winner TV ended, but it has been postponed in order to better prepare,” he added. “We are preparing to release a full-length album, and not a digital single. Half of the tracks will be written by the members themselves.”

He also announced, “The plan for now is to have them debut at the end of February, but that’s not a firm set date. But if it gets postponed, it won’t be pushed back for more than a week or two.”

Winner is a group made up of the winners from Mnet’s survival program WIN: Who is Next. The group has been showing the pre-debut process through Mnet’s Winner TV.

Source: Mwave

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