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[NEWS] 140127 [WINNER TV] Weekly Highlight #7 The last night on the snowy field of Sapporo


Did you guys all already watch white snowy field filled with snow that appears on this episode of [WINNER TV]? We naturally became happy when we saw the snow that is piled the ground without being stained by anything.

Just like the happy footstep coming down upon on a pile of snow when we take a first step on the white snowy field, there are happy stories coming down upon WINNER and also the viewers through [WINNER TV].

When these stories accumulate, it will make WINNER to have a clear vibe of WINNER through color, feel and words that belongs uniquely to real WINNER, right? We will be so glad if you guys join us in that process. Please join that process with [WINNER TV] from now on to the future also.

While [WINNER TV] is on air, it is possible to watch the best scenes every week through NAVER STARCAST.

[WINNER TV] 7th episode The last night on the snowy field at Sapporo

BIGBANG&WINNER’s we were like that back then 2nd episode!! The final moments together with BIGBANG. 1st WINNER winter sports competition on the snowy field of Sapporo. Who is the member that most showed the clumsy charm?! The horror special episode in the middle of the night that showed the right way of defeating something cold with another something cold. Also, the WINNER version of 2NE1’s good song ‘Missing You’! Check it out right now~

Video #1. ‘Winter sports competition’ on the snowy field of Sapporo that is to a different scale

Somewhat an analysis of the strategy of the opponent of each WINNER member! Contrasting from a serious analysis, the winner of winter sports competition is completely different from expected! Those who is really sad as he missed the 1st place so close and who does not even have a reason to be sad about as he is clumsy. Meet right now the cold world of challenge that divides into these two groups.

Video #2. The main target of the horror special episode in the middle of the winter is Min Ho?!

His eyes that shakes in a scary way, the panicking status that continues, his eyes that keep looking front, back, left and right as if anxious after sitting down and not being able to stand up. To a horror special episode that is inevitable no matter what, Min Ho is more close to becoming ‘A weak man that does not exist anywhere around the world’. With Tae Hyun’s surprise woman ghost disguise, he presents a great reaction that makes everyone burst out in laughter!

Video #3 ‘Missing You’ that WINNER sings
What if WINNER sings 2NE1’s ‘Missing You’?! ‘Missing You’ that is filled with the color unique to WINNER. From the perfect harmony that the members show to a music video that was filmed in Sapporo that is filled with the feeling of sorrow!

The surprising gift for those who have been waiting for STARCAST! We will reveal WINNER’s off-shots! Meet right now the behind stories of [WINNER TV] along with pictures of the members! 


[Youngest line] Is it push and pull. The picture of “Kang & Nam” together that we see in a long time

starcastep7_rappeu line

[Min Ho&Seunghoon] The rap line is always right. The naughty boys who are playful even with the plane ride in the early morning.


[Jin Woo] The snow that is piled up until the shoulder level! Jin Woo look a little small as we tried to contain the entire snow but the truth is that he matches very well with the snow.

starcastep7_in ears

The in-ear microphones that the representative gave us as a gift +_+ It is said that the members have designed it themselves as they felt grateful.

(From the left)
Jin Woo: Left- microphone, Right: The abbreviation of Justin Timberlake Help (It is a kind of a spell and it is the feeling of getting energy from a favorite artist before going up on the stage!
Seunghoon: Jordan holding the microphone
Tae Hyun: The year that he is born
Min Ho: Left-WINNER Right-M!NO
Seungyoon: Left- The crown that expressed WINNER’s W
and the initial KSY Right-smile

starcastep7_mino in ear

The picture of Min Ho having the in-ear on that is specially revealed. Why in the world is the ear also too handsome.

Friday nights at 10pm with [WINNER TV]. Watch the show right on time!!

Written by/Pictures: YG Entertainment
Source: Naver Starcast

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