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[INTERVIEW/TRANS] 131227 Winner on YouPaper Magazine Part 1


After the final battle, interview with YG Head Producer Yang Hyun Seok

Q: Today, Team A and Team B battled making Team A the WINNER, what do you feel about that?

YG: To be honest, I would have the same feelings either Team B or Team A wins. One Team will lose, that is this battle’s rule. I know both teams worked really hard so I can’t say anything.

Q: What is Team A’s strength?

YG: 3 out of 5 members can compose in Team A. They were just trainees before but through the battles, they composed songs and performed those. BIGBANG became popular through their original songs so composition skills will be WINNER’s strength.

Q: What are their tasks? To be like BIGBANG what should they do?

YG: To be like BIGBANG will be really hard. I think how to become different from BIGBANG is much more important to them. Aside from Korea, BIGBANG performs the most in Japan. Both Team A and B have been studying Japanese for 2~3 years because I want them to work on both Japan and Korea. I said the winner will be the opening act in BIGBANG’s tour. It will be a good experience for them.

Q: Is it going to be their first concert?

YG: They will be on stage for the first time but it isn’t like their official debut. I want them to get experiences and see lots of Japanese fans.

Q: Japanese fans are expecting their debut in Japan?

YG: Recently, a dividing line of activities between Japan and Korea is slowly disappearing. I want them to work on both countries. I am going to talk with the Japanese company because I want them to debut in Japan as soon as possible.

Q: Only Team A is coming to Japan?

YG: Only the winner is going to Japan.

Q: What will be Team B’s future?

A: Actually Team B is more YG style. Team A leader Kang Seung Yoon’s style is based on rock music. But YG is based on R&B and hip-hop. In that case, Team B is little BIGBANG. Their future have lots of possibilities and if they work hard for one more year they will be an explosive group.

Q: How different are they from BIGBANG?

YG: Team A and Team B both grew up with BIGBANG’s music. Their generation have been watching BIGBANG. They got lots of influences from BIGBANG. But even if they got influenced, when they put their own color in the music, we can’t expect what color and music it will be.

Q: Will they make a new trend of KPop in Japan?

YG: That is what I want. Korean music market is important but BIGBANG took time to be successful in Japan. But now we have stable system and fans in Japan. I think WINNER will be able to debut quicker than BIGBANG.

Scans by: AeuyTLiN
Translations by Juju@WINNER_UAN

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