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[NEWS] 140122 ‘WINNER TV’, sports competition as the winter Olympics season is coming.. ‘Off-the-wall and lively’ charm


[OSEN=Kim Sara] YG rookie boy group WINNER will choose the ‘Champion of the snowy field’ in ‘WINNER TV’.

At midnight of January 22nd, the teaser video for the 7th episode of cable channel Mnet ‘WINNER TV’ was uploaded on the official blog of YG Entertainment. The one that is especially drawing the attention in the video is ‘1st WINNER winter sports competition’ that takes place on a big snowy field.

For ‘2014 Russia Sochi winter Olympics’ that will begin on the 8th of next month, WINNER will show their own league that is full of off-the-wall characteristic and lively charm while enjoying winter sports.

WINNER members will show up at the snowy filed filled with white snow with ski clothes on and holds snow sled competition and get into physical battle and chase battle to get the gold medal. Also, they even give cheers with a comical dance that is full of laughter and holds intense competition for the gold medal.

Meanwhile, the part where WINNER gets the songs they wrote themselves evaluated for a real debut and the laughter bomb ‘We were like that back then’ where WINNER learn tips about entertainment shows and attitude of a rookie from BIGBANG is expected to continue this week also from the last week.

The 7th episode of ‘WINNER TV’ will go on air at 10pm on January 24th.

Source: Naver Starcast

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