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[NEWS] 140118 WINNER, Preparing To Debut In February… YG “We’re making an album that everybody’s anticipating for”

WINNER started working on their album to debut in late February.

On Mnet’s ‘WINNERTV’ that has been aired on the 17th, YG Entertainment(YG)’s CEO Yang Hyunsuk said “We’re expecting WINNER to debut in late February as ‘WINNERTV’ ends. They started to work on their album.”

Yang Hyunsuk said “It is true that the album release is delayed because we’re trying to bring out these kids’ composing skills. I wanted to make the album that everybody’s anticipating for.”, explaining why the album is being delayed.


WINNER got harsh words from YG for the songs that they wrote. Yang Hyunsuk said, “Anyone can compose. However, it depends on how you do it.” making the members feel the tension.

He also said, “The public has very high expectations just because you are the second BIGBANG. The improvements that you made in ‘WIN’ program are not enough. The public has to feel ‘this is YG’s music’. You have to feel uncomfortable and desperate more than anyone else. It’s not like you are going to succeed just because you are from YG. You will still have to compete against hundreds of teams. Everything will end once you think you’re good.” YG didn’t hesitate to
give harsh remarks.

WINNER is the second boy group to debut after BIGBANG. They won as Team A in ‘WIN: WHO IS NEXT’. WINNER is preparing for their anticipated debut in late February.

Source: Joy news24 via Naver
Translations by Daisy at @WINNER_UAN

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