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[NEWS] 140120 [WINNER TV] Weekly Highlight #6 BIGBANG and WINNER’s “We were like that back then~”

In this episode, the self-written song that WINNER is preparing in which everybody is waiting for is revealed. In fact, creating something new is so difficult and painful that it can be expressed as a pain for creation. We had grateful minds as we got to go through the process of WINNER’s difficulties and pain becoming a good music together. Everything cannot be 100 % perfect but to make a result that is most close to being perfect, we feel that another ‘story’ that only WINNER can have is made.

[WINNER TV] that we keep watching even not realizing that time is passing by when we are laughing a lot and agreeing on lots of things. Sometimes, it makes us nervous with unexpected thrills but it always contains the story that makes people to feel good.

While [WINNER TV] is on air, you guys can watch the best scenes through NAVER STARCAST.

[WINNER TV] 6th episode BIGBANG and WINNER’s “We were like that back then~”

WINNER and BIGBANG’s big plan to get to know each other. What would be the video that Min Ho recorded and sent to 2NE1 Dara in a white snowy field? WINNER’s site of shooting for the first advertisement ever! The revealing of the process of the members preparing for the album! The nervousness coming from the time of evaluating the self-written song! And also ‘We were like that back then’ that contains BIGBANG’s tips about entertainment shows. Meet right now [WINNER TV] that is full of stories that makes us feel good!

Video #1.  The video letter that Min Ho& Dara sent and received

Min Ho was the only one who did not match with any of the members in BIGBANG in the level of matching with YG Family in the previous episode! In the end, he writes a video letter to 2NE1 Dara, who was chosen as the best match.. From WINNER members playing with the snow on a big snowy field to Dara’s video letter in reply to Min Ho’s video letter!

Video #2. The nervous moment of evaluating WINNER’s self-written songs!

The members of WINNER are preparing the album with their self-written songs! They let Yang Hyun Suk listen to their songs get their songs evaluated from him for the first time~! They are not missing even one single word that comes from Yang Hyun Suk, the time of evaluation that is full of nervousness! And realization!

Video #3 BIGBANG and WINNER’s “We were like that back then~”

TV within TV! ‘We were like that back then~” together with BIGBANG! The tips to take complete control of the entertainment program from BIGBANG. Imitating Yang Hyun Suk is the most basic thing in YG Family? The tips to imitate Yang Hyun Suk from starting from the basics. And to outstanding assistant Seungri’s perfect reenactment!

The surprising gift for those who have been waiting for STARCAST! The off-shot of WINNER is revealed! Meet the behind stories of [WINNER TV] with the pictures of the members!


[Min Ho & Seunghoon] We are always reading thoroughly the letters that fans have sent us with serious facial expressions. We really wanted to let you guys know that we are enjoying the fan letters with this facial expression ^_^


[Tae Hyun] Him looking a little bit nervous right before going up on the stage. Do not look so good like


[Seungyoon] Showing flowery handsome look even with busy schedules in Japan


[Jin Woo] Taking 3 hours to go 10 minute distance! Not being able to find the entrance in the hotel lobby!! The picture taken after Jin Woo’s being successful on the first convenient store tour +_+

The Friday with [WINNER TV]! 50 minutes were so long when in class, but how can 45 minutes of [WINNER TV] can always be felt not enough? There is a danger of feeling thinking that it is too not enough getting bigger so watch the show right on time on Friday at 10pm. Do not miss it!!

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