[NEWS] 140117 WINNER, casted as models for a clothing brand “Fresh and new image”


[OSEN=Lee Hye Rin] WINNER, a new boy group from YG, was casted as models for a clothing brand even before making an official debut and is getting attention from the advertisement industry.

At the beginning of this month, WINNER signed a contract with trendy casual clothing brand ‘NII’ to be exclusive models and took pictures for the pictorial for the advertisement of spring 2014. With a new start as the keyword, WINNER took the pictures for advertisement pictorial for the first time with the photographer Kim Je Won and Ji Eun, who is famous as BIGBANG’s stylist, with the concept of ‘WINNER who gathered in 1st grade, class 1’.

WINNER wore colorful and trendy spring season military jackets, character t-shirts and knitted clothes and so on in the pictorial and showed off their lively and fresh charms with props that reminds of good old times and with games such as ‘arm wrestling’ and tug of war’ and so on.

In regards to choosing WINNER as a new model, the associate of the advertisement said “WINNER is a group that has amazing possibilities. They will form NII brand’s fresh and new image” and anticipated. Also, the associate added “Even though it is their first time officially shooting for the advertisement before the debut, WINNER showed their talents all they want at the site. I barely saw models who did this well in their first shooting” and praised them.

WINNER is a group made up of 5 members of A Team, the final winners from YG survival program ‘‘WIN:Who Is Next’ which is Kang Seungyoon, Nam Tae Hyun, Kim Jin Woo, Lee Seunghoon and Song Min Ho. Especially, the album ‘FINAL BATTLE’, the final live broadcast album of the program, became the 1st place on iTunes in four countries in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. Also, the process of the formation of WINNER was featured in top 6 sports newspaper in Japan and got the huge amount of attention in overseas also.

WINNER is currently appearing on ‘WINNER TV’, which is aired on the cable channel Mnet and portal site NAVER TV cast at the same time every Fridays at 10pm, and is preparing for a real debut as singers.

Source: Naver


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