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[NEWS] 140113 [WINNER TV] Weekly Highlight #5 WINNER, what about their degree of matching with YG Family?


[WINNER TV] has already reached the middle part. As lots of stories gets most warm in the middle, I also think this episode was a warm story. If someone knows that a person becoming honest in front of many people is such a warm and touching thing, I think lots of people will be able to become a little more honest to family, friends and to their important people. In such a place, being together with WINNER members instead of being would probably remain as a warm memory for a long time.

We confidently guarantee that the latter half of [WINNER TV] that still has more to come has stories that can touch the minds in much more bigger, meaningful, happier and deeper way. Draw a page of these stories together while laughing and crying watching [WINNER TV].

You can enjoy the best scenes on NAVER STATCAST every week while [WINNER TV] is still on air.

[WINNER TV] episode 5 Visiting ‘Imja Island’ once again after becoming WINNER

WINNER’s luck based on facial features and the degree in which they match with YG Family! Min Ho’s luck based on his facial features and to how much he matches well with YG Family has to be paid attention?! Couple months ago, WINNER randomly talked about going to oldest member Jin Woo’s hometown ‘Imja Island’ when they win in WIN and it now really happens! A reenactment of a familiar absorbing ramen scene on the ship at the cold sea! A surprise party at ‘Imja Island’ village center! Who is this party for? The story of everyone shedding tears with a touching letter from Jin Woo to his father. Meet all these stories right now!

Video #1. We match relatively well

The degree of matching of WINNER and YG Family. There ones who match and the ones who does not match. They get to pick people who match and who does not match and with not matching with Min Ho, everyone is shocked and sends greetings of farewell! Someone who can put ‘A fiery youngest’ Tae Hyun under control whom no one can deal with is the world star Psy?! The entire arrangement of degree of matching between WINNER and YG Family that is based on a triangular relationship!!

Video #2. Revealing someone whom G-Dragon’s “Do you want to go out with me?” is targeted to

WINNER met BIGBANG based on the results of degree of matching. The first one who is up is Jin Woo! However, he said “Time, time, time”, 20 ‘time’ in one second even before entering and stepped into the waiting room. To a story about the degree of matching, G-Dragon also replied in a cool way “Do you want to go out with me”. Meeting with BIGBANG in the waiting room in which we were able to see BIGBANG’s relaxed attitudes while leading the mood of the show naturally and no doubt they are experts in broadcasting.

Video #3 A letter of tears that Jin Woo sends to his father

A surprise party for Jin Woo’s father in ‘Imja Island’ village center. After the joyous party, Jin Woo sings the song he prepared himself for his father. With the encouragement from the members, he reads the letter in which he wrote to his father. The story of not only his father, but the members and even Jin Woo himself who wrote a letter that was prepared in an honest way shedding tears.

[Min Ho&Seunghoon] A picture as if giving off a salty smell from the sea in ‘Imja Island’. But the style alone looks like the professional fishers.


[Jin Woo] The members who are following from far away and the oldest member Jin Woo, who is leading. No matter what kinds of pictures are taken, it becomes a good looking picture. So, please take pictures often+_+


[Tae Hyun] Smiling to a kid he met in Japan. Him wanting to be a cute little kid just for this moment alone.


[Min Ho&Seungyoon] Can see very little bit of Jin Woo in the back, and to Seunghoon. The real men WINNER who did not mind waiting an hour just to eat chicken in Japan.


Sadly, the autograph by Tae Hyun that is revealed in this episode is the last autograph of WINNER that [WINNER TV] prepared for the viewers. ㅠㅠ However, STARCAST continues so do not miss Weekly Highlight every Mondays! Every Friday night! 10 pm! Watch the show on time!!

Source: Naver

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