[FASHION] Compilation of Kang Seung Yoon’s Winner TV (Episode 1-5) Fashion Finds

EPISODE 1: Let’s start with our leader, Kang Seungyoon. I think everyone remember this scene, yes! the scene when he said that he only change his underwear every other day! Seungyoon-ah please kk. At that time I spot him wearing JOYRICHSpace Innovation Knit Cardigan Black and it costs 18,690 Yen. Indeed he is Kang Seungyoon, even he wears black, it’s not gonna be a plain black kk

EPISODE 2: Now it’s time for Our Leader, Kang Seungyoon! It seems that he wears this snapback often when he went to Japan. Is it the only snapback that he brought? kk. What snapback? It’s the XOXO Snapback from Papercode and it costs 37,000 Won. Actually I heard a lot of people saying that this XOXO hat is EXO’s kk Yes, their album name is XOXO, but this snapback officially doesn’t belong to them kk

EPISODE 3: Let’s start with uri leader, Kang Seungyoon! In this episode, we’ll see that he didn’t show up that much kk. Usually he would wear something that is really eye catching or colorful, but not today kk. First, let’s see his outfit in Yoo In Na’s Radio. At that time, He wears Black Buster 82 Hoodie (blk) from Nasty Palm and it costs 69,000 Won with unknown denim jacket (I’m still searching it huhu). I like the way he dress up that time, it’s simple but still eye catching (because the other member wear black kk)


EPISODE 3: Next, we still have Kang Seungyoon, but this time is when they went to a Takoyaki Shop in Japan. He wore Wool Single Coat Charcoal from Liful and it costs 198,000 Won and for his striped Sweater, you can go to Iwannawearwhatyouwear to find out what he wore at that time kk. Oooow it’s sooo pricey!


EPISODE 4: Now let’s move to our Leader, Kang Seungyoon. In this Episode, I spotted him wearing I AM ME BLK from BOWLLERand it costs 53,000 Won. In this scene I also found him really attractive wearing glasses and ooooh his skin looks sooo flawless kk. 


EPISODE 4: In “Hello Winner” Fan meeting in Osaka, actually I’ve search for his sweater since first I saw it, but i found nothing, heol. I’m sooo sorry for that, but today I found his pants. At that time he wears Army Zip Skinny Pants (?)  from99%IS- actually I couldn’t find any English translations for this アーミースキニージップパンツ and since I can’t read Japanese, so I just translated it from online translator and it said that this means Army Zip Skinny Pants and it costs 21,000 円. 


EPISODE 5: Let’s move to our leader, Kang Seungyoon. I spotted him wearing TSD Beanie BLK from Bowller and it costs 35,000 Won. I also spotted Mino wore same beanie in YG WIN era.


WIN Throwback: Since I can’t find many brand from him from this episode, I decided to have throwback session in YG WIN Episode. Remember 8th episode when Seungyoon show his member the final arrangement fro Smile Again? yup! at that time he was wearing ST-1044 Grey from my fav brand Kravitz and this shirt costs 29,600 Won. I really ship him with Kravitz, because its design really fits him well kk


WIN Throwback: Another throwback! I also spot Seungyoon wearing KTZ past collection, Spring-Summer 2008 when Team A met Akdong Musician. I’ve searched this for long time and I can recognize it’s KTZ but I couldn’t recognize it’s a past collection and finally found this last week *sigh*.


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Credit: @pupujai or giditopi

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