[NEWS] 140111 YG Artists Flood The Music Market: Yang Hyun Suk Lines Up Comeback Schedules



[OSEN=손남원 기자] TAEYANG’s solo and PSY, BIGBANG, the newbie group WINNER, AKDONG MUSICIAN, the top girl group 2NE1, and the monster rookie LEE HI. These are the artists who belong to YG, to be making either a comeback and a debut in 2014. The more experienced goes first, and then the newbies. It is said that YANG HYUN SUK, the founder of YG Entertainment, is busy coordinating the schedules of the artists.

Now all eyes are on the agency to see who will be the first in the ‘YG Comeback Bonanza.’ Apart from the first New Year project of TAEYANG, PSY and BIGBANG are also preparing a comeback. As all of the aforementioned artists are very much awaited by the fans, the agency is putting much thought into who to showcase first.

YG is having a hard time scheduling the debut dates for the newbies, including WINNER and AKDONG MUSICIAN. WINNER, the winning team of YG’s self-created, fierce battle program ‘WIN’, has already risen to stardom. They are in full preparation for the debut. The brother-sister duo AKDONG MUSICIAN finished selecting their debut song, and will be making a debut soon.

Normally, one entertainment agency would have one or two comebacks or debuts a year, but this year YG has boldly announced debuts and comebacks of four to five teams in just the span of just two to three months. This is big news for the music world. They might even sandwich the debuts of new groups WINNER and AKDONG MUSICIAN between comebacks of big artists.

TAEYANG, who has been appointed as the first to make a comeback, is still putting his schedule under the veil. His ‘Ringa Linga’ released last year created an enormous wave of sensation, so the fans’ expectation for the artist is building up high.

Following TAEYANG’s solo comeback, BIGBANG will finally be returning as a whole. BIGBANG’s fans have been waiting very patiently for the group’s comeback, and as their hugely successful Japan Dome Tour comes to an end, they will kick start their promotion in South Korea. According to YG schedule revealed last year, BIGBANG’s new song would be released right after TAEYANG’s solo, but things could change. If TAEYANG enters the American music market sooner, then BIGBANG’s comeback will be postponed.

World star PSY’s comeback is also arousing much attention. YG already announced the name of the title song (at the end of last year) and the schedule of music video shooting (this month), hinting PSY’s eminent comeback. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but a new song that will create a worldly sensation following ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’ will be released within early March at the latest.

Source: YG-Life

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