[NEWS] 140111 Winner Vs GOT7, Challenge Against EXO: A New Era Of Boy ‘Troica’?’


[스포츠동아 김원겸 기자] All eyes are on the rivalry between the two giant entertainment agencies, YG and JYP as two boy groups from the agencies are about to make an official debut: WINNER and GOT7 respectively.

On Jan 20, JYP’s new group GOT7 (consisting of members JB, Mark, Jackson, Yoo Gyun, Jr. BamBam and Yong Jae) will be releasing their debut album. YG’s 5-member group WINNER (with members SONG MINHO, KANG SEUNGYOON, LEE SEUNGHOON, KIM JINWOO and NAM TAEHYUN) will be releasing an album in February.

As YG and JYP are producing idol groups, the two agencies are creating a dynamics that challenges the 3rd entertainment giant, SM, with their new groups. The three will be rivalling each other.

This is entertaining news in the pop music market. It is especially interesting as the two groups will be hip-hop focused.

JYP’s GOT7, the first one to come, is a hip-hop group. For Park Jin Young, who was always pop and dance oriented, the new group is an experimental one.

GOT7 will be the first South Korean group to showcase a performance called Martial Arts Tricking, that involves martial art movements with b-boy ones. The members were gathered from the States, Hong Kong and Thailand.

WINNER, who is to make a debut in February, is the first boy group of YG in 8 years since BIGBANG. Their talents were revealed in the program ‘WIN’ that was aired last fall, and they have already secured a solid fan base.

Their debut album will include a self-composed song, and they are already dubbed the ‘post-BIGBANG.’

The revelation of the new groups mean a battle of pride for YG and JYP, but the competition will have a significant promotional effect for both agencies.

As they create a dynamics of a giant newbie groups, they will be dominating the music market.

And as SM Entertainment pushes forward with their extremely popular new group EXO, there will be a Troica of boy groups in the pop music world.

 Source: YG-Life

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