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[NEWS] 140111 [TV ZOOM IN] Can We Expect More To Come On Winner TV In 2014?


[TV리포트=김가영 기자] The members of the group WINNER had their fortunes told for the 2014, and it looked positively bright. The fortunes for the five members were as unique as the members themselves, providing a source of entertainment to those who saw it. And they will be as successful as their group name, WINNER.


On WINNER TV aired on Jan 10 through a cable channel Mnet, the five members were captured receiving their future fortunes. Their compatibility with YG Family was observed through their fate and physiognomy.

When the diviner said, “It’s likely that SONG MINHO will be involved in problems with girls,” it made everyone laugh, but the diviner continued, “He can’t stay with one girl. He has this figure that would make girls cry. He has much desire for girls and is passionate. It’s highly likely that he will meet an older woman. There will be one in 2014.”


About KIM JINWOO, the diviner said, “His nature is kind and easygoing. But as for his career, he tends to branch out to do different things, however, doesn’t reach an end in things. He takes time meeting girls. In 2014 he will have much power in his hands. He has the fortune of going overseas. Japan and China look good for him.”

To LEE SEUNGHOON, the diviner said, “He is kind and logical. He looks pure but has much desire for things. And he stands on his own. He can manage his money but he shouldn’t have too much in his hands,” and added, “Along with SONG MINHO, he will be involved with a lot of girls. It seems like he will look after his wife dearly. He treats his girl well, but he will be involved with many of them,” making everyone laugh.


To the youngest, NAM TAEHYUN, the diviner said, “He is too proud and thinks too much. Put nicely, he is creative,” and added, “He is a macho style. He doesn’t treat his woman nicely. But his fortune for money and women look good, so he will be meeting a nice girl. He can’t stand people trying to control him. He doesn’t like to be told what to do. None of the members of WINNER will be able to control NAM TAEHYUN.”

About the leader KANG SEUNGYOON, “He has much attachment for people around him, but his emotions go up and down. He is skilled in analyzing, but he needs more social skills. He is introverted,” and added, “But he is born to be a good husband,” said the diviner. The fortune-teller said, WINNER as a whole, “Everyone has very dark eyebrows and they are powerful. They will be specializing in something,” hinting their success.


The diviner then moved on to see the compatibility between WINNER and other artists of YG Entertainment. SONG MINHO was most compatible with DARA, while having an opposite relationship with YANG HYUN SUK, the founder and boss. He was in despair, saying, “Not being compatible with the boss is not good.” The diviner commented, “If SONG MINHO is involved in a scandal with a girl, YANG will not forgive him.” The diviner added that KIM JINWOO is most compatible with MINZY and G-DRAGON, while LEE SEUNGHOON and NAM TAEHYUN are with SEUNGRI, and KANG SEUNGYOON with PSY and TAEYANG. They are inseparable.

KIM JINWOO, hearing his best compatibility with G-DRAGON, decided to do something. He decided to record G-DRAGON’s ‘Who You?’ and give it to him. He cautiously joined in the members of BIGBANG. He told G-DRAGON about his compatibility with him. To this, GD responded, “You and me? Should we go out then?” making everyone laugh. Listening to KIM JINWOO’s song, GD teased him with affection. GD said, “We should hang out more often.” The next episode is to attract more attention as the members of WINNER and BIGBANG are to come closer.



On the same episode, the members of WINNER visited Imjado, home of KIM JINWOO. Team A of the battle program ‘WIN’ (now WINNER) promised that they would go to Imjado if they win the program. And the members kept their promise. KIM JINWOO, although looking nervous, was excited about seeing his father.

WINNER members decided to throw a big party for the group’s oldest, KIM JINWOO. The members invited town people and provided food and performance. With fun music and entertaining performances, they gave excitement to the people, and KIM JINWOO read out his letter to his father. He read, “Dear my loving father. When I was in high school, you were against me becoming a singer.” He became so emotional that he started crying.

He added, “I don’t know why I just held your hands and cried when I visited you last summer. But now I think that I was embarrassed ofs your job, and I was immature. But that day when you came home after a day at the sea, I was so proud of you. I hope you don’t cry because of me anymore. I will work harder, and when you work at the sea, you will be hearing our music. I want to make you happy, and I love you.”

He showed his firm determination for 2014 in front of his father, for his upcoming debut. He seemed more mature than when he visited home on ‘WIN.’ The members, instead of being nervous, enthusiastically reached out to the adults of the town and entertained them. The members strengthened their bond, performing for KIM JINWOO and his father. In February, they will be making an official debut. As they grow mature every episode, fans’ expectation for the group is simply growing higher.

 Source: YG-Life

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