[NEWS] 140110 YG’s Psy-Taeyang-Winner-Akdong Musician-Bigbang’s Comeback Is Imminent… Who Is The First?


YG ENTERTAINMENT is working to the fullest, for a bunch of comebacks of its artists.

TAEYANG who was known to be the first YG project for 2014 and Psy who has already scheduled his comeback are to come back in February. , Plus, BIGBANG’s comeback, WINNER’s debut, and Akdong Musician’s comeback are all scheduled for February this year. This big bundle of comebacks is surprising fans, because YG is advancing a significant number of such big projects at the same time. Usually, each of such comeback projects takes more than a month for an entertainment agency.

It is highly likely that TAEYANG will start the march of YG artists’ comebacks. TAEYANG’s solo album had originally been known to be released last year, but the schedule was put off to early this year. However, while the schedule of other artists’ comeback has been disclosed in this January, when TAEYANG will come back is still kept as a “secret”. As his single “RINGA LINGA” released last year received a rave review, fans have high expectations for his new music.

According to YG’s plan for 2014 that was disclosed last year, BIGBANG’s new song will be released right after TAEYANG’s solo comeback. Such a plan was a strategy designed to prove BIGBANG’s continuing power in the music scene, following the success of each BIGBANG member’s solo album last year. Of course, there are some variables for the plan, which include, TAEYANG’s entry into the American music market. TAEYANG was offered an opportunity to perform in the United States after the success of his “RINGA LINGA” in the country, but YG had an issue of overlapping schedule for TAEYANG in the United States and Korea. So, there may be a change in the schedule of BIGBANG’s comeback.

WINNER’s official debut, which is YG’s biggest project for the year 2014, is scheduled for February as well. As WINNER’s debut is thought to enjoy the biggest effect when it is done right after the end of Mnet’s “WINNER TV” that is currently aired, WINNER’s debut is highly likely to be made in February. However, because WINNER takes part in many parts of their debut album just as BIGBANG did, the schedule may be put off than originally planned.

Coincidentally, Akdong Musician is to meet fans in the middle of February, too. They are to perform on the stage of SBS “K-Pop Star 3” in February. This performance is not thought to be their official debut since YG is advancing many of other debut and comeback projects. However, as Akdong Musician has been always successful on music charts with songs they wrote themselves, they may disclose a new song unexpectedly and sweep music charts.

Most of all, there is Psy. Psy’s comeback has drawn keen attention from people around the world, and it is likely to be made in February. Psy will begin the shooting of his new music video in the middle of this month. He will create several songs this time. He has not disclosed how many songs he will present with his comeback this year, but it is known that he will create multiple music videos. Among them, there is a song featured by American hip-hop mogul SnoopDogg. Many people have a high interest in Psy’s new songs. Psy has said that he is making the new songs pleasantly with his first resolution, differently from when he was producing “Gentleman” with “too many thoughts in mind”.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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