[NEWS] 140110 Winner’s Fortune For New Year Is Disclosed… Who’s The Best Match Among Psy, Bigbang, and 2NE1?


YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s new boy group “WINNER” is disclosing their fortune for the year 2014 and their compatibility with YG family’s senior singers, in episode 5 of “WINNER TV”.

In episode 5 of “WINNER TV” that is aired on cable channel Mnet and search engine NAVER’s TV CAST at 10pm today (Jan. 10), five “WINNER” members’ fortune for the year 2014 is disclosed.

The fortune and physiognomy of WINNER to debut as a boy group this year will be disclosed in the show, while YG ENTERTAINMENT’s head Yang Hyun Suk’s fortune for 2014 is also disclosed.

People are paying attention to whether the two will have a good fortune in this new year of the horse together. WINNER has already come under the spotlight by a variety of media outlets as the super rookie to boost K-Pop this year and Yang Hyun Suk has declared to “do his very best this year” to produce WINNER, YG’s first boy group in eight years after the debut of BIGBANG.

Along with the new year’s fortune, compatibility between YG’s youngest group WINNER and their seniors including Psy, BIGBANG, and 2NE1 will be also disclosed. People are paying keen attention who will be found to be the best match for WINNER, among YG singers.

The new episode of “WINNER TV” will also depict WINNER’s performance on BIGBANG’s Japan six dome tour, their efforts to be closer to BIGBANG even though they are tensed by BIGBANG’s charisma, as well as WINNER members’ visit to Imja Island, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, KIM JINWOO’s hometown, to treat food and give entertaining performance to them.

“WINNER TV” that depicts WINNER’s fun, cheerful, and real daily lives as well as the process of their preparations for official debut is aired on every Friday at 10pm on cable channel Ment and search engine NAVER’s TV CAST.

Source: enews24 via YG-Life

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