[NEWS] 140110 G-Dragon Asks YG’s Rookie Winner Out… “Wanna Go Out With Me?”


G-DRAGON has asked WINNER out.

In the preview of Mnet “WINNER TV”’s episode 5 released in the 9, “BIGBANG”’s G-DRAGON unexpectedly asked a WINNER member out, saying, “You wanna go out with me?”

The preview depicts an episode of BIGBANG and WINNER members who met in a waiting room. WINNER members were tensed and stopped smiling when they encountered BIGBANG, their YG senior.

WINNER’s youngest member NAM TAEHYUN was blushed and shy seating face to face with BIGBANG’s T.O.P and GANG SEUNGYOON expressed his respect to BIGBANG, putting his hand together in front of TAEYANG. Notably, in the video, G-DRAGON is asking a member of WINNER out, saying “You wanna go out with me?”

Internet users who saw the video of G-DRAGON asking a WINNER member out said, “G-DRAGON is asking WINNER member out, what about Hyung Don?”, “To whom G-DRAGON is saying that?”, “G-DRAGON’s surprise proposal, he is so good at pulling and pushing.”

Source: via YG-Life

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