[NEWS] 140110 American Music TV Airs Special Program For YG Artists; Bigbang, 2NE1 and Winner & More


America’s music-specializing cable TV, FUSE TV, is attracting much attention by planning a special program for South Korean artists who belong to YG Entertainment, including BIGBANG, 2NE1, Epik High, Lee Hi and WINNER.

In celebration of the New Year, FUSE TV has prepared a special program under the title ‘SEOUL FROM K-POP TO HIPHOP.’ On the program, YG artists are to be introduced one by one.

The program will kick off with the introduction of 2NE1 on Jan 13, and will move on to go in-depth about YG Entertainment on Jan 14, about T.O.P and the rest of BIGBANG on Jan 15, TAEYANG on Jan 16, Epik High on Jan 21, Lee Hi on Jan 22, while WINNER will be included in the story of YG Entertainment on Jan 14.

FUSE TV visited YG Entertainment in South Korea from the end of November to the beginning of December, interviewing each artist of the entertainment agency, delving into their daily life and their views on music, while also getting information on what the artists did in 2013 and their future plans of 2014.

On Jan 9, FUSE TV hinted that they would “put a spotlight on pop and hip-hop stars of South Korea”, while explaining that “the craze for K-Pop has begun to heat up wildly since 2012.”

The artists from YG Entertainment have in fact garnered much popularity from the public through their active musical promotions in 2013. All members of BIGBANG released their solo songs, unleashing their infinite potential in music. They were the first South Korean artists to hold Japan’s 6 largest Dome Tour as well. 2NE1, on the other hand, unveiled a whole new side of themselves with three new songs, “Falling in Love,” “Do You Love Me,” and “Missing You.”

Epik High spent a meaningful one year as they celebrated their 10th year anniversary, while Lee Hi showed off her magnetic charm as a “Monster” rookie. WINNER also attracted much attention with their upcoming official debut.

FUSE TV will be focusing on these artists from YG Entertainment, who are much loved by the public, and will be going in-depth about their future adventures in the midst of K-Pop craze.

Source: enews24 via YG-Life

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