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[SCAN/TRANS] 140107 WINNER on ‘Wink Up’ Japanese Magazine

140107 wink up mag


Translations under the cut

All: Hello Wink Up’s readers! We are WINNER!

Mino: We debuted from YG entertainment’s TV program “WIN: Who Is Next”

Taehyun: ”WIN~” we were divided into 2 teams and battled to be chosen. The way to debut was… so hard

Jinwoo: Yes and we released Go Up on 10/28 last year. This song was mainly made by Seungyoon.

Seungyoon: While on 「win~」when we needed to change a song to make it our own, I didn’t feel any pressure. More chances to make a totally new song in a short time. What we only thought was “let’s win with this song!”. We needed to show this song in the final battle so I worked crazily to make a better music.

Seunghoon: The main part of this song that SeungYoon made is really good so we made that song really fast.

Mino: We are doing an opening act in BIGBANG’s dome tour and we sing ‘Go Up’ there. Next time, we want to have a solo concert in Japan.

Seunghoon: Yes. Actually this is our first time in this magazine, shouldn’t we talk about ourselves?

Jinwoo: That’s a good idea.

Seunghoon: I’ll go first! Mino always touches dogs even if he is allergic to them. He often gets reactions because of that but he always touches like he has no allergy.[laughs]

Taehyun: Jinwoo looks like calm person but he is really talkative. [laughs]

Mino: When I point out Seunghoon’s mistakes, he always screams ‘Stop it~!’ and he panics.[laughs]

Jinwoo: TaeHyun was a difficult person to read. But the more I know him, he is really a discreet person and has a warm heart. I am the oldest in this group but I can learn a lot from TaeHyun.

Seungyoon: Jinwoo is hard worker! His singing skills and dance are always improving. It’s amazing!

Jinwoo: Thank you! I’ll work harder.[laughs]

Ok let’s give a last MSG to readers!

Seunghoon: Start from me! We’ll be cooler and cooler so please watch us!

Mino: Please come and see us!

Seungyoon: We want to be great artists like BIGBANG and 2NE1. We want to be loved by everyone regardless of age and gender.

Jinwoo: We’ll work hard to prove why we are called WINNER!

Taehyun: We want to be a group who makes great music!

All: Please support WINNER! Check us out!

Translated by: GmJuico@WINNER_UAN/@WeloveSeungYoon
Magazine scan by: @5KI2NE8 | @ksyupdates

Closer Look at KSY (Click on the image to enlarge)

140107 wink up mag ksy1 140107 wink up mag ksy2

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