[OTHERS/TRANS] 140106 Winner’s New Year Cards

ny photocard


“Happy New Year
I hope you are always healthy
and succeed in whatever you do!
-Lee SeungHoon”

“Thank you for your love.
WINNER Nam Taehyun.”

“As always, thank you for your support.
We, WINNER, will do our best.
Happy New Year!
I love you!
-Song Minho-“

“Cute Jinwoo
2013 was when we become WINNER. In 2014, we will try to make it year of WINNER.
Happy New Year.
I ask for your boundless love and concern. I always thank you and I love you.”

“WINNER Leader Kang SeungYoon
As always, thank you for your love. I hope for you to be happy and healthy in 2014. Happy New Year. “

Source: Naver Starcast
Translated by: @1004SYNA Of WeLoveSeungYoon

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