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[NEWS] 140103 ‘WINNER TV’ WINNER, tries to become a common sense king and eating broadcast king.. Numerous different kinds of charms


[OSEN=Seon Mi Gyung]WINNER, a rookie group from YG Entertainment, tried to become the king of the common sense and the king of eating broadcast.

On January 3rd in the 4th episode of ‘WINNER TV’ that airs on Mnet portal site and NAVER TV cast, the story such as the global common sense quiz and the behind story of the first fan meeting overseas of five members will be revealed.

What is especially getting the attention is the global common sense quiz contest that WINNER, who went overseas to be on the opening stage of a senior group BIGBANG’S 6th Dome Tour, holds while betting on the dinner menu.

In a quiz contest with a mission ‘You can only eat up to how much things you know’, among the five members Kang Seungyoon, Song Min Ho, Lee Seunghoon, Kim Jin Woo and Nam Tae Hyun, it is gathering anticipation of who will become the best ‘Common sense king’. In a quiz that takes place to decide on the dinner menu, there are creative wrong answer parades and also, ‘Stormy eating broadcast’ is contained as a bonus and are expected to present joy to the viewers.

In the teaser video of the 4th episode, at the bottom of the screen that shows the members who have covered the eyes by themselves, a meaningful subtitle that says ‘We will be back with a shocking confession!’ shows up and is arousing the curiosity of the viewers. In the real broadcast, it is expected that the honest thoughts of members are expected to be revealed. With a title ‘Thoughts post box’, they test the friendship without identifying the names and not only they will present laughter through a funny revealing of the secrets, they will also reveal thoroughly the thoughts towards each other that they have been hiding until now, the things they liked and the things they were disappointed about.

It airs every Fridays at 10 pm.

Source: Naver

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