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[NEWS] 140104 ‘Winner TV’ Winner, Friendship Test Shows Strong Comradeship


[OSEN=Sun Mi Kyung] YG entertainment’s rookie group WINNER, opened their hearts through ‘friendship test’.

With the title ‘inner hearts mail box’, the friendship test was held by members writing an anonymous letter to one’s favorite member and disappointed member on the cable channel Mnet ‘WINNER TV’ 4th episode.

Song Min Ho made everyone laugh by struggling to find his letter to accomplish his mission, Kang Seungyoon and Nam Tae Hyun draw everyone’s attention by showing their upper body at the hot spring.

Five members playfully participated in the friendship test, however as time went by they showed the earnestness and opened their hearts. Song Min Ho picked Kim Jin Woo as his favorite member by saying “He laughs a lot so I feel like I became a comedian”. Lee Seunghoon also voted Kim Jin Woo and said “Even though he is the oldest, he has an untainted purity. Kang Seungyoon and Kim Seungyoon both picked Nam Tae Hyun as favorite and disappointed member, which draw the attention.

On the letter Kim Jin Woo wrote “Thank you for coming to YG” and showed that he is caring the youngest member. On the interview, Kang Seungyoon shyly said “Thank you for showing the changes”, “I love you Tae Hyun” and added the warmth.

Nam Tae Hyun broke the role and chose rest of the members as favorite and showed his thankful mind. Nam Tae Hyun showed his special love towards the big brothers by saying “I have so many sorry things to the members” “(through this friendship test) I want to make brothers happy”.

Also, WINNER’s first overseas fan meeting was opened to the public, which draw the attention. Japanese local fans greeting the WINNER with hot attention, and some overcame with emotion and cried. Male fan who followed Nam Tae Hyun’s hair style exactly same, another fan dressed up as clown and unique fans’ appearance draw the attention.

Through WINNER’s first overseas fan meeting and the friendship test, they made their comradeship strong and showed that their development and changes. Also, conveyed merry laughter with common sense quiz and ‘muk-bang(eating broadcasting)’. On the last part of the program WINNER’s physiognomy interpretation and Kim Jin Woo’s crying scene was aired and arouse the audiences’ curiosity. It is expected to see the other appealing image of the five members.

It is aired every Friday at 10 pm through Mnet and portal site NAVER TV.

Source: Naver

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