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[NEWS] 131223 [WINNER TV] Weekly Highlight #2 – The exciting and nervous meeting with ‘BIGBANG’!


For a week after the airing of the last episode, people who know will know and there were people who got wildly excited with the story of [WINNER TV]. Did you guys spread the word and shared it a lot? The first episode was like a trailer of WINNER, as their activities in Japan that were rarely spread to the public started to be shown one by one. Since the things we wished to be spread out were starting to be revealed more to the public, we felt that [WINNER TV] is a good gift that WINNERs send to all the viewers.

While watching the second episode, we have a small wish that more story of looking-good and doing-well WINNER, whom it will be okay if they ruin their images a little bit, a little weird sometimes, a little absurd and not making sense and even a little never-even-thought-of at times… and that the story of the WINNERS will be spread to more people.

While [WINNER TV] is on air, you can watch the best scenes every week through NAVER STARCAST.

[WINNER TV] The second episode
The first stage ever on a dome!! After an exhilarating meeting with the audience, WINNERs came to be grateful about a lot of things and also saw it for themselves clearly of the path that they have to go. We sent greetings of gratitude to BIGBANG and came to have determined attitudes towards the performances that are still left! The first free time to enjoy in Japan! From carrying out the missions to the thoughts about each other that will be revealed slightly and little by little. Let’s check it out now!

Video #1.  The owner of Dome Tour, the exciting and nervous meeting with ‘BIGBANG’!

Meeting with BIGBANG, the ‘owner’ of Dome performance! They have good enough sense to accept nervous greetings for the first time with a light joke! Meeting with BIGBANG, who taught that there are still so many things that WINNERs  have to dream of!

Video #2.  Good and kind people! Who Loves people! The story of rapper line’s free travel in Japan

The rapper line has come together! It is same for everyone but the meeting of these two people who especially have bigger gaps in their daily lives and when they are on the stage! As a charismatic rapper while on the stage! Even easily pulling off dance moves! However, they are the dumb and dumber team whom people who knows about them will know! The story of free travel in Japan of these two who are funny and lovely!

Video #3 Seungyoon&Tae Hyun, what in the world? Three audiences?

It was said that they held a fan meeting in Japan in which 8000 people gathered. But, what in the world is it to perform for 3 audiences? What in the world is it to hold a performance on the street in this windy weather? What in the world is that indifferent attitude while we are singing? The video showing the street performance of ‘Makla (The youngest members line)’, who does not give up even with all the difficulties in the world, will start!

A surprise gift for people who have been waiting for STARCAST! Revealing of the pictures of WINNER! Check out the behind-the-scenes story of [WINNER TV] through the pictures of the members.


[Min Ho] He showed his charm that has a twist with his swollen face, but he is using a knife in such a graceful way.. (That very breakfast from the first episode!)



[Seungyoon & Tae Hyun] The beauty like a flower ‘Makla (The youngest members line)’. The picture of the two who looks different but resembles each other. What more needs to be said? Isn’t it so good?


[Jin Woo] [WINNER TV] While recording the title song, Jin Woo is drinking water in the recording studio. Is it the face that has the size of the cup or is it the cup that has the size of the face… I am sorry, my face…


[Seunghoon] One morning in Japan. A happy smile. Photo by Tae Hyun is a secret.
There are still more stories to unfold in [WINNER TV].

The upcoming is more anticipated [WINNER TV]. Do not miss these precious episodes that have all the stories of WINNER who is starting for the first time. [WINNER TV] will be on air on Friday nights at 10pm!! Watch the show!



This week’s autograph! Ta da! It is the autograph from Jin Woo. The rumor was heard that he took time and effort to write each and every character for the viewers of [WINNER TV]! Please look forward to an autograph of the next member that will be revealed next time!

Source: Naver Starcast

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