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[NEWS] Kang Seung Yoon & Nam Taehyun on ‘WINNER TV’

[131220] Kang Seung Yoon & Nam Taehyun on ‘WINNER TV’, The Best Chemistry!

Kang Seung Yoon and Nam Tae Hyun from WINNER are showing the best chemistry ever.

On the episode of ‘WINNER TV’ aired through Mnet on Dec 20, the five members of WINNER were featured travelling Japan after performing for the opening stage of BIGBANG’s Dome Tour.

On the day they were in Japan, Kang Seung Yoon and  Nam Tae Hyun, the so-called pair of “Kang & Nam,” were given a mission of busking on the street. They did their best but sadly only attracted mere 5 people. However, they were satisfied with their work, commenting, “There was much to learn from this.”

Kang and Nam talked heart-to-heart over a meal. Kang Seung Yoon said, “I don’t know why other members think we are not close. Tae Hyun and I work together most, and Tae Hyun is the best one. I can relate to him a lot,” and added, “I think it’s because we share a lot in common, for example, our family background.”

Nam added, “We do share quite a bit in common. When my mother saw Kang Seung Yoon auditioning on Superstar K, she told me I look like him. That was when I was also training to become a singer. Who would have imagined that we would be put in the same team like this?”

Another mission for the two was to wear matching t-shirts and take a sticker photo together. The two showed off a perfect chemistry between them, playfully and jokingly kissing each other on the cheek.

‘WINNER TV’ is a program that features in the daily lives of the newly born YG boy group WINNER, which was the winning team of YG’s survival audition program ‘WIN: WHO IS NEXT’ aired on Mnet. The program features the artists preparing to become professional musicians.


Credits: TV Report via YG-Life

[131221] ‘WINNER TV’ Kang Seungyoon•Nam Tae Hyun. Hope you to get along.


Group WINNER’s youngest line and vocal line Kang Seungyoon and Nam Tae Hyun worked on free time mission together and promoted friendship. As they became one with busking, they became closer as opened their heart and made warm memories by wearing couple t-shirt and trying pranksome touch to each other.

In the Mnet ‘WINNER TV’ that was aired on 20th, WINNER(Kang Seungyoon, Lee Seunghoon, Song Min Ho, Nam Tae Hyun, Kim Jin Woo) members separated the team by Sibuya, Tokyo tower and Kawagoe and worked on their missions.

WINNER members showed fist official debut stage at opening stage of BIGBANG’s Dome Tour. As the talk about their thrilling moments, they said they will never lose their original intention.

All the WINNER members in one room, they agreed to work on their missions during the free time and travel around Japan. Song Min Ho picked Kang Seungyoon and Nam Tae Hyun as he said “I want you two to go together”. With their awkward moments, he added “I thought there were two rooms. Go and get close to each other” and made everyone laugh.
Kang Seungyoon and Nam Tae Hyun declared that they will make money by busking at Sibuya and buy couple t-shirt with that money. However, the song that did not consider the accompanist, wrong tone, Japanese that does not even give a look and the sandstorm foretold the ominous sign. After all, their street performance ended with 5 people.

After that, Kang Seungyoon and Nam Tae Hyun ate warm ramyun and shared their feelings about the busking. Kang Seungyoon said about the aftereffect of street performance by saying “Yesterday we performed in front of thirty five hundred thousand audiences and today with only five people on the street…” Nam Tae Hyun said about the memoires of busking by saying “Actually this was more nervous, and it will be in my memory forever.”

They also clarified that their relationship is not actually awkward. Kang Seungyoon said “Why do the members think we are not close?”

He added that “I always get along with Tae Hyun and I also know Tae Hyun well” and explained that he share same family background and surrounding environment so I can feel sympathy. Nam Tae Hyun had same feelings. Nam Tae Hyun said “My mom also liked Seungyoon when he was on the ‘Super Star K 2’ and she said ‘it’s same as looking at you. He also didn’t listen to his mother and he is doing well know’” and said I never knew we could be the team like this.

The members wanted those two to be close together, however, Kang Seungyoon and Nam Tae Hyun was the best buddies. They made unforgettable memories by wearing couple t-shirt and trying pranksome touch to each other.

Source: Osen via Naver Starcast


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