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[NEWS] 131219 WINNER TV, leaving for Japan Dome Tour, revealed a group photo, ‘Heartwarming’


A group WINNER revealed behind-the-scenes pictures of the shooting of ‘WINNER TV’.

WINNER, who have been getting huge amount of attention along with the start of ‘WINNER TV’, will be revealing behind-the-scenes pictures in an order. First, YG revealed a picture of WINNER taken together with all members leaving for Japan, who will be performing for an opening stage of BIGBANG Japan 6th Dome Tour.

On the day of their departure, WINNER got attention with their airport fashion. The picture revealed has five members right before departing.

In the picture, the leader Kang Seungyoon is getting attention with his all-black chic fashion and Nam Tae Hyun showed jean jacket fashion. Song Min Ho is wearing a black frame glasses and made a pose with his unique mischievous facial expression and Kim Jin Woo showed his heartwarming looks while resting on Song Min Ho’shoulder. Lee Seunghoon drew attention as he had a chic facial expression wearing a striped t-shirt with a leather jacket.

‘WINNER TV’ is about WINNER, who have earned final victory in a survival audtion program ‘WIN: Who Is Next’ on October of this year, and their process of making a debut as a singer. Through the airing of 1st episode last week, they became the center of attention in various sites. ‘WINNER TV’ had enormous amount of views on YouTube and was included in the live keywords search list in various entertainment boards.

‘WINNER TV’ provides various enjoyment by showing their natural and real characters in their daily lives and the humiliation parade of members and so on that were not seen in a previous program ‘WIN: Who IS Next’. Including the group picture leaving to Japan, the behind-the-story pictures of members is also gathering anticipation.

The second episode of ‘WINNER TV’ will be on air on December 20th at 10pm on cable channel Mnet and NAVER TV Cast. ‘WINNER TV’ can be watched again through Naver TV Cast and YG official blog.

Source: Osen via Naver Starcast

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