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[NEWS] 131217 YG New Boy Group WINNER’s Global LINE Is Opened in 10 Countries!


Beginning communication with global fans through LINE

YG ENTERTAINMENT (“YG”)’s super rookie boy group WINNER’s official account on Naver’s LINE has been opened in ten countries at the same time.

At 11am on the 17(Tue.) this month, WINNER’s official account on search engine Naver’s global mobile messenger LINE was opened in five languages in ten countries: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. The global opening is catching eyes of WINNER’s fans.

WINNER has been creating sensation upon winning survival audition show “WHO IS NEXT:WIN”. The birth of WINNER made headlines of Japan’s six sports dailies and “FINAL BATTLE”, a mini album that contains songs for the last battle of the show, topped iTunes charts of Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam. Plus, WINNER has put their name on top search word list of Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter. Russian fans have created dance cover videos and shared them with other fans around the world. Such spotlight on WINNER proves the team’s global popularity.

While beginning preparations for the official debut in earnest by performing on the opening stage of BIGBANG’s Japan six done tour, WINNER has proven a global popularity once again at their first fan meeting event in Japan on the 2(Mon.) this month, where 8,000 local fans flocked to see them.

On the official LINE account, WINNER will closely communicate with fans and will share news of “WINNER TV” that has been aired since the 13 (Fri.), as well as a series of videos and contents about them.

On every Friday night at 10pm, “WINNER TV” is aired on Mnet and search engine Naver’s TV Cast. The show displays a variety of episodes happening in the process of five WINNER members’ (Gang Seung Yoon, Song Min Ho, Kim Jin Woo, Lee Seung Hoon, and Nam Tae Hyun) growth into singers, as well as their fun and free daily lives.

Notably, “Gang Seung Yoon’s passport photo” and a series of the other member’s fun embarrassments that were disclosed in the first episode of the show made real-time search word list and main pages of entertainment section of search engines, and as of the 17, the show is recording 156,111 views and 1,000 replies on Naver TV Case, and 133,236 views on YouTube.

“WINNER TV” is the third series of YG’s reality show, following “BIGBANG TV” and “2NE1 TV” which were praised as a new paradigm of reality shows. It is a project for WINNER’s official debut, in which WINNER come back to fans 50 days after survival audition program “WIN” came to an end with the victory of “WINNER” Team A over Team B.

Meanwhile, “WINNER TV” is aired at 10pm on every Friday on cable channel Mnet and search engine Naver’s TV Cast, and is rerun on Naver TV Cast, YG’s official blog, and YG’s official YouTube account.

Source: YG Family

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