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[TWITTER] 131213 2NE1’s Dara (@krungy21): “Please love our cute hoobaes, Winner ^_^”


Trans: Huk I’m watching WinnerTV and I found Jjangmae.. I saw him at 0.5s..I think he’ll come out continuously.. I’m gonna watch



Trans: I can see the familiar career..It was true that Jjangmae shared my favorite place (restaurant) I will announce it to everyone. Jjangmae who was with us for 4 years left us and flew to the juniors../cries/ /Missing You chorus/.

Trans: So funnyㅋㅋ Why do Blackjacks like it that Jjangmae left us?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Its comedy. Is Missing You’s main character Jjangmae?ㅋ By the way, please love our cute hoobaes, Winner ^_^

Source: Dara’s Twitter
Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls | @Bom_Always

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