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[SCAN/TRANS] 131211 Winner on 韓Fun (Kan Fun) No.130 Magazine

131211 korea fun

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8000 people for their first ever event

BIGBANG and 2NE1’s company, From YG entertainment, a boy’s group that debuted after 7 years,WINNER did their first event [HELLO! WINNER] on December 2 2013 in Osaka, Toyonaka City, Senri-Selshi. WINNER is a 5 member group that debuted from their company in a form of a survival program where 2 trainee teams fought to debut. Even though they already performed as an opening act on BIGBANG’s Dome Tour in Saitama Ken, Seibu Dome on November 16,
It’s their first time doing their own event.

Even if it’s just that, the smile on the members faces came out naturally. In the event place, it exceeded their expectations when 8000 people gathered and screamed loudly when the 5 of them appeared. In the event, there was no translator and it was done with just japanese. At first everyone greeted lively and said “Nice to meet you! We’re WINNER” and after the each of them introduced themselves, the talk show started.

With a lot of people surrounding the stage, Nam Taehyun (19) said with a big smile on his face “It’s really overwhelming seeing a lot of people came. Thank you very much for coming”

When asked about their Japan Stage debut in BIGBANG’s concert, Kim Jinwoo (22) said, “I was really nervous but it was fun” with a smile on his face then Lee Seunghoon (21) said ”It was a great atmosphere. I thought of doing my best in everything” and smiled shyly.

The shy smile of the 5 close members.

It’s their 2nd time visiting Japan. Song Minho (20) said heartily “Japan’s streets are beautiful. Everybody’s kind.”

Leader Kang Seungyoon (19) said “Especially Osaka, I heard there are a lot of delicious foods so yesterday we ate Takoyaki. It was really delicious!” while he making a circle with his fingers and put it in his cheek then he said “Takoyakiii!” again and smiled. Then the other members did the same, they made a circle with their fingers, put it in their cheeks then shouted “Takoyakii!” cutely. The crowd cheered and shouted “Kawaiii!”.

Afterwards they draw lots in the event, the chosen 300 people will get the Hello Winner card personally from the members wherein they introduced themselves as a present. The members were like exchanging their calling card and gave the cards using both of their hands while saying “Ooki ni” in Kansai-Ben then there’s a lady who cried because of too much emotions. Seeing that Jinwoo said “You’re really happy. It’s wonderful” while smiling widely.

The talk continued. When asked about their favorite Japanese word, Seungyoon said, “Love, I like Love” then the crowd shouted so loud.

Next is Seunghoon and he said “I like.. I Like You So Much!”

Jinwoo said “Feeling Good” Minho said “I Love You”

Taehyun said “I like… Please go out with me!” then the shouts of the crowd turned crazy.

Furthermore to share their talents, Seungyoon sang in acapella then Seunghoon matched his dance withMinho’s human beatbox then the crowd couldn’t control their excitement.

Let’s see each other again during in our own Live (Performance).

This day there wasn’t any live performance but the fans were excited to see the friendliness of each of the members and the glimpse of their true characters. Everytime a member say something the venue echoes with screams. Lastly, each of the members did their greetings.

When Jinwoo said with energy “Thank you for coming today! We will do our best in the future!”  Taehyunalso said with great aspiration, ”We will make a good song faster and make you guys hear it”
Minho said “We will come to Japan again soon. Please see us!” then Seunghoon promised “We will let you see much more of our cool sides soon.”

Then lastly Seungyoon said “On this cold weather, Thank you very much! Today was just our event but we will do our best to see you guys on our own concert so please support us!” with determination.

Together with the loud cheers a round of applause was given to them. The commemorative event which reached 2 hours finished in success.

Source: @yr247 | fy-winner via ygwinnera

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