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[NEWS] 131211 ‘WINNER TV’ Preview, Outburst of real playfulness during title song recording

YG Entertainment’s super rookie group, ‘WINNER’, revealed a teaser of the title song recording for their reality program ‘WINNER TV’.

On the 27-second teaser of WINNER TV’s title song, Kang Seungyoon, Song Minho, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon, and Nam Taehyun showed off their fresh expresions, witty image as they sang along with the lyrics of the title song, “We are WINNER, everyone gather up!”


The members put together the lyrics and composition for their WINNER TV title song and showed off their talent as singer-songwriters. Leader Kang Seungyoon participated with BIGTONE in writing the lyrics. Maknae Taehyun worked with PK and BIGTONE for the song’s composition which attracted even more attention as he showed off his self-composition skills. With the members personally working on their own song, they have proven their song writing and composition skills.

‘WINNER TV’ is a new debut project after the survival program ‘WIN: WHO IS NEXT’ which ended last October where WINNER won against Team B. Here, we will see the members holding their first fan event in Japan, their fresh images, and the episode of them travelling to Japan for the first time together. They will also show the behind the scenes stories of them taking a step from trainees into artists as they perform as the opening act for their seniors, BIG BANG, at the Japan 6 Dome Tour. They will target the viewers and their fans with their lovely real everyday personalities, their hidden playfulness, and their music skills.

‘WINNER TV’ will be broadcasted through MNET and the portal site, NAVER, this December 13th at 10 PM.  Viewers may be able to watch episodes again on Naver’s TV CAST and YG’s Official blog.

Translated by @onewomansubs
Source: DAUM

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