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[NEWS] 131210 ‘WINNER TV’, First Broadcast on the 13th…Following up after “Noonas over flowers” and “Reply 1994”

[enews24 Ahn Sohyun Reporter] Post-Big Bang, the group WINNER is gathering much anticipation with their new star-born program, ‘WINNER TV’.

The program, ‘WINNER TV’, following WINNER’s real everyday lives and the process of their debut preparations will make its first broadcast this upcoming December 13th at 10 PM on MNET and the portal site, NAVER.

‘WINNER TV’ has sealed its time slot for Friday nights, which is a time slot that receives the most viewership and love amongst the viewers. Prior to this, they are announcing the currently broadcasting tvN ‘Reply 1994’ and ‘Noonas over Flowers’ as the golden troika.

WINNER TV, amongst the popular variety programs, is by all means targeting viewers in their 10’s and 20’s who have much interest in idol music. They are taking on a new strategy for the broadcast program different from the usual paradigm.

‘WINNER TV’ features the leader, Kang Seungyoon, who possesses lyric and song writing skills, skilled rapper Song Minho approved from his underground days, born-to-be dancer Lee Seunghoon, excellent visuals, eldest hyung Kim Jinwoo, and the charming maknae, Nam Taehyun. These 5 members with different personalities and charms make up the group, ‘WINNER’. The program will show these members as YG artists as they prepare for their full-scale debut and their process along the way.

Also, after ‘WINNER’ took the victory on the survival audition ‘WIN: Who Is Next’, the program will follow the behind the scenes stories of them going from trainees into artists and becoming the opening act of their seniors, BIG BANG, at their Japan 6 Dome Tour. They will also reveal the episode of them travelling overseas for the first time, and viewers will be able to see the five members jolliness, liveliness, and their genuine everday lives which they haven’t been able to show before in great detail.

Meanwhile, for WINNER TV, YG will follow a different broadcast program paradigm. This is the third installment of the star born reality series ‘BIG BANG TV’ and ‘2NE1 TV’ which both caused a sensation. It will be broadcasted for 10 episodes every Friday.

It will be streamed at the same time of the broadcast on the site, Naver, and viewers will be able to watch the episode again on the portal site.

Photo=eNEWS DB

Ahn Sohyun Reporter

Source: Naver
Translated by: @onewomansubs

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