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[OTHERS] 131202 Hello! WINNER Fan Reactions Compilation to Seungyoon on Twitter

NOTE: There’s an active Jap-Kor translator on Kang Seungyoon’s Gallery that always makes these compilations, that’s why this whole post is only of Seungyoon. Hopefully someone or that person will also make a compilation for all of the members on the WINNER Gallery. ^^

★Seungyoon and Taehyun’s Japanese were great. Seungyoon translated in Korean for the other members. He’s really cool…and a bit skinny.

★Seungyoon was actually the last one I saw but he’s a total flower boy!!! He had mushroom hair, white knit shirt, and dark-coloured pants.

★I cried, “I love you!” to Seungyoon and he laughed at me saying “Hu Hu~” He’s so cool.

★I almost cried while screaming this but I really shouted, “I love you!!!” until Seungyoon looked at me. I kept making eye-contact with him during the whole thing. Ah, I can die happy now.

★It was so cute the way Seungyoon would give his cards with an over the top action~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Seungyoon’s HELLO card

His favourite Japanese words:

Yearning (懐かしさ), Love (愛)

★Seungyoon’s face is whiter than tofu.

★ I said I love you to Seungyoon and he said “I love you” back. I received his card too~ Ah, I can die now.

★Seungyoon!!! I hope you remember me. He kept nodding while I kept saying I love you. ㅋㅋ

Until the staff finally had to tell me to stop, I kept saying that ㅋㅋ

★When the little girl went up on stage, although Seungyoon was last, he already knelt down and waited cheerfully for the little kid. He was really cute. He’ll really become a cool father later on~

They asked, “What do you want to eat right now?” and Seungyoon yelled, “Okonomiyaki~!”

(Japanese pancake/pizza)

Then all of them screamed, “Okonomiyaki~”

★Seungyoon is so~ cute~!

★There’s so many tweets of people falling for Seungyoon…is he that handsome in person?

★I was so shocked at how handsome Seungyoon was. All WINNER members’ faces were so small. Whenever the members couldn’t understand Japanese, he would always explain to them.

★Kang Seungyoon…how should I say this…he kept giving us a smiley-smiley fan service!

So different from his cool image ㅋㅋ

★Seungyoon silently creeped up to Seunghoon and got closer and then…backhug!

It was so~oo~oo~o cute!

★Seungyoon’s aegyo. Aigo, this guy. He really knows what the fans want~

★Seungyoon and Jinwoo~ I saw them for the first time today. I really liked them even more!

Now I feel like listening to their songs~

★Seungyoon sang a bit of Go Up for the prolonging atmosphere~ so the MC said, “More~”

And Seungyoon kept repeating, “More? More? More?”

To~tally cute!

Fan meetings Final Words:
“We’ll work even harder in order to let you guys see us perform in our own concert. Please cheer us on a lot~”

Source: DCKSY
Translated by Jeni@onewomansubs

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