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[OTHERS] 131202 Hello! WINNER: Fan-Account, “Kkap 2Seung”


If the leader fulfills his obligations, he does the maknae line’s as well
He would be the first one to raise his hand when the MC would ask questions
And when they first came up on stage, they stood and gave their greetings
So when the MC asked a question, Seungyoon would translate it towards the other members
You can just hear him saying things in Korean like, “It’s like!@$^$%&$^*???’!!! ”
The fans beside me really liked it – His voice when explaining
And Kkap Kkap Kkap!!!
He really seemed like he was in a good mood
You know that choreography where they pretend to hold a rifle?
In the beginning, he did that intensely in one shot ~ Shot!
His arms were going round and round too

I was taking a video so I couldn’t see properly but all of a sudden the fans were like, “Kyyaaa!”
Ing? I looked at the screen and saw Seungyoon…???
Behind Seunghoon, they were in the middle of a ….back….hug….?
When those two hugged, Jinwoo came behind and said to do it with the three of them kkk but that failed.

Kkap-Seunghoon arrived!
He kept moving his hands and body
When he would give his Hello Cards away, he would pretend to be taking pictures of them kk
He was always joking around pretending to eat too
He made a ‘V’ with his hands and put it on Seungyoon’s shoulders
During the radio show, he had a joking voice
When he would speak Japanese, he only said a few things sparingly ㅋㅋ

When they were giving away their hello cards, in between, the MC was talking
He asked Seunghoon, “How are you feeling~?”
And Seunghoon couldn’t understand and just continued to do other things ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Seungyoon caught on and tried to explain to Seunghoon
And Hoon looked at him like “Eung??? He called me???” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Aigo~ The boys are “baby fools” kkk they fall for babies~!!!
When the little baby girl came up on stage, Seunghoon bent down first
and his face was pursed like with an “Ogu~ Ogu~” mode kkk and he was already getting ready to greet her
Then the other members got down too and greeted the baby together~

Source: DC Winner
Translated by Jeni@onewomansubs

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