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[NEWS] 131202 WINNER’s first fan meeting gathered over 8000 fans “Proven Next Generation Hallyu Stars”

YG Entertainment’s newest boy group, WINNER, held their first exclusive fan meeting event in Japan and gathered over 8000 fans.

On December 2nd, although it was a weekday, a great number of fans flocked in Osaka Selcy Plaza in Japan where WINNER (Kang Seungyoon, Song Minho, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon, Nam Taehyun) held their first official fan meeting event ‘Hello! WINNER’.

WINNER fluently gave their impressions and thoughts about Osaka in Japanese at the event.  Also,WINNER instantly learned dialect phrases in Osaka and had their first meeting with fans.  Through a selection process, 300 fans were chosen and got to greet the members up on stage.  The members also showed off their own specialties such as acapella, singing, dance, and other performances.

A Japanese participant said, “As BIG BANG‘s Dome Tour opening acts, WINNER also included proficient Japanese into their own songs and showed their great command of the language.  Even as the MC asked them questions, they replied with everyday fluent Japanese and showed off their skills.”

They added, “The fans were moved to tears after greeting the WINNER members, the members were also happy by their warm welcome. Although they held their first event in Osaka, the fans cheers didn’t stop as they hoped for more events in various places in Japan like Tokyo.”

WINNER recently stood on stage as BIG BANG‘s opening act for their Japan 6 Dome Tour.  Since November 29th, for 3 days, they performed at BIG BANG‘s Osaka Kyocera Dome with their self-composed song ‘GO UP’ and ‘OFFICIALLY MISSING YOU’ which talks about their own personal stories.

Source: Asia Today
Translated by Jeni@onewomansubs

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