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[OTHERS] Compilation of J-VIP’s/Fans Reactions on WINNER from the Kyocera Dome Concert


Seungyoon’s voice is dangerous~


All 5 of them were good at Japanese, especially Seungyoon, he was the most natural.  Seriously, I think their Japanese level is higher then BIG BANG’s. (Laughs)  Taehyun’s “You’re the best-uh!” was so cute ~.+ (‘⊃ ω ⊂’)’+.

スンユン君 かっこよすぎてびびった やばいね

Seungyoon was really cool, I felt small…So dangerous


Laughed because Seungyoon resembles Robert Akiyama, his cheekbones comes out the same way when he smiles.


WINNER’s Jinwoo, he’s really handsome.  Seunghoon is so cute and Taehyun is so cute~ Mino’s rap was really good.  Seungyoon’s voice was of course ㅋㅋㅋ! Opening…

ナムテだけぎゃあああ!ってなってたけど周りの人たち「だれ??」て感じだったよ(笑) ミノがただのイケメンでスンユンくんの声素敵だった〜!

나무 테만 꺄아아아!라고 되었는데 주위 사람들”누구?”라고 같았어(웃음)미노가 그냥 잘 생기고, 승융 군의 말 멋졌어!

Nam Taehyun Kyaaaaaaa!  I screamed like that but the people around me were like, “Who”  (Laughs)  Mino was just really handsome and Seungyoon’s words were so cool!

恋してる~도니 도니~♡♡♡ ダンサーほんまにかっこいい♡ YG family♡WINNERも最高やたし、 スンユンもスンフンもやばかた~♡

Love~ Dony Dony~♡♡♡ The dancers were so cool ♡ YG Family♡ WINNER’s the best~!  Seungyoon and Seunghoon are both dangerous~♡

@88stn24: すんゆんかっこいすぎて

@88stn24: Seungyoon is too awesome
I thought, “What to do~”
So much better than just watching on video
All of them were amazing
How many times can I say this, they were amazing(´・ω・`)

“@sachixxx0829: うぃの、ちょっと自己紹介変えてきてたな(。-∀-)さすが!!!!スンユン日本語上手だし舞台慣れしてるから新人ぽくなかったーヽ(;▽;)ノ良くも悪くも\(^o^)/w”

“@sachixxx0829: WINNER changed their self-intros a bit hmm~ As expected!!! Seungyoon’s Japanese was great, and since they’re slowly getting used to the stage, they didn’t seem like rookies.


It’s so cool seeing Seungyoon’s serious concentrating face as he sits on the chair.  So once the song started, his smile came out.  So nice.


It was so fun~!  Was really happy seeing WINNER ♡ Seungyoon is so cool Ah \(^o^)/ I liked him since High Kick 3.  Let’s be healthy tomorrow too.  And on Monday, I’m going to their event! ♡


Seungyoon is so much more handsome than you can ever imagine from just looking at his airport pictures.

Source: Twitter, DC KSY, DC WINNER
Translated: @onewomansubs

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