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[FANACCOUNT] Winner at Amusement Park in Japan


This picture~~~ Seunghoon was playing around with a bat alone for a bit.  He took the bat Mino was holding.  Jinwoo said, “Just do rock paper scissors” (So cute since he’s the eldest hyung but seemed gentle)

??? After this Jinwoo explained the game to Mino and Seunghoon. After Seunghoon realized the situation (His expression was like… What the…) and took the bat away to the opposite direction and played rock paper scissors. Mino won but Seunghoon still wasn’t giving him the bat so he got a bit mad ㅎㅎ and laughed.

Since he started the game, Jinwoo started acting “bingu”-like and went “Kya~kya”
And in a solemn tone, Seungyoon said strongly, “Ya, Are we going to take the group picture or what~?”
Seunghoon quickly put the bat down and went to his place. Mino took the bat and played with it again kk
Even when they took the picture, Mino was still playing with it

After switching places, the picture taking ended. The manager walked over and said, “Ja~ let’s go back now.” But all of a sudden they started playing rock paper scissors again all huddled together. At first it was only Jinwoo-Mino-Seunghoon but slowly~ everyone got into it too kk

If they lost, they had to get hit~!
Since Mino lost while playing rock paper scissors, Taehyun hit him so~~~ hard on the head kk and Mino looked like he was really in pain

Seeing Mino all hurt Taehyun was laughing while carrying the bat over his shoulder (mino really looked hurt tho ㅎㅎ)

SOURCE: @kazuho21BB
Translated by: JENI @onewomansubs

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