[FASHION] 131130 Winner at Osaka


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#YGWINNER# #南太铉# 这是今天的一身行头~ 看样子 H.M 的就是那天和MINO逛街一起买的了…[xkl奔跑] 黑白灰配在太铉身上咋就那么好看捏.. [bm可爱] cr:winnergall.

TRANS: #YGWINNER# #NAMTAEHYUN# Today’s outfit~ Seems like H.M.(referring to the outfit)  it’s bought when he’s shopping with MINO…. Black, white and grey suits Taehyun well… cr:winnergall.


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20131130 Kyocera Dome Day 2 演唱會有在賣 WIN 的周邊唷 [bm可爱] cr. 12_bbbbb_21

TRANS: 20131130 Kyocera Dome Day 2 concert , there are WIN merchandise  cr. 12_bbbbb_21


Translation by Diana@ WeLoveSeungYoon

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