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[NEWS] 131126 WINNER who emerged victorious from WIN will be making their broadcast debut…YG’s Self Production

WIN’s victorious team, before their debut, TEAM A, now takes the name WINNER.

According to a multi-broadcast company, Team A’s (Kang Seungyoon, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon, Song Minho, and Nam Taehyun) from MNET’s ‘WIN’ who won last October 25th will be making their debut in Korea, Japan, and China at the same time through the broadcast.

YG Entertainment has decided to broadcast WINNER’s debut. From their behind the stories of training, recording, and even up until the debut stage they have been dreaming of, the series will be revealed to the viewers. They also revealed that they have already reached an understanding with strong Japan broadcaster.

For this, YG Entertainment has recently recruited a talented PD, who has already started the program’s production. This is the first time YG Entertainment will be self-producing their program.

A broadcast company hinted, “It’s scheduled to be broadcasted in the middle of this upcoming December through a cable channel. This is definitely joyful news for the viewers who are waiting for WINNER’s debut. We also noticed many viewers from China and Japan who are also waiting for their debut.”

Meanwhile, WINNER has been chosen 100% by viewer’s votes and won the third battle, they were formed from the program ‘WIN’ where only one team could make their debut.

T/N: I’m pretty sure by “debuting in Kor-Jap-China”, the article means they will be broadcasting the show in Korea, Japan, and China at the same time. Not actually debuting in those countries~

Source: Nate
Trnslated by Jeni@onewomansubs

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