News Photoshoots (Magazines)

[SCAN/TRANS] 131122 WINNER for “JUNON “ Japanese Magazine



See Translations below


Playful and Hardworking Eldest.

To the Japanese Fans, Nice to meet you. Even though we haven’t debuted yet, thank you for loving us. Now, I’m in to studying Japanese and i watch dramas often. My character may seem to be calm but actually i am really talkative and cute (laughs). My charm point is my attractive eyes, i think? To get the group name WINNER we stepped on a lot of stages and now we want that name to shine forever. I want to meet Japanese fans fast. We will do our best to do various works in Japan in the future.


I want to meet the fans in (our) World Tour.

I’m an interesting badboy Seunghoon. I’m in to net shopping and studying Japanese, My Charm Point is my slim thighs and my fine footsteps. I think WINNER’s personality as 5 are well balanced and we are a group who can do various appeal to public. The impression that’s left in my mind in the battle is the High-Touch event we did in Korea. I felt that “There are so many fans!” for the first time. I’ll also never forget the announcing of the final results. Someday surely, like BIGBANG, we will have our world tour and meet our fans all over the world.


I am really in to Japanese!

Nice meeting you! For the first look you might think i’m scary but actually i’m a pleasant man, I’m Minho. My charm point is my voice and my cute sides…? (Excuse Me). I’m in to studying Japanese now, I’m serious! Us, WINNER’s attraction is that our personality is vivid and we can digest different genres. During the battle, everytime, the pressure of doing difficult things was really tough. To Team B who lost, i felt sorry deeply. I want to say to Team B that “Someday, Let’s do the WIN 11 Concert we all talked about.”


I want to make wonderful music.

Good Afternoon! I’m the youngest member Taehyun. I want to send music wherein people will respond and feel fine when they listen to it so i want to make cool music from now on, i’m doing my best everyday to be able to make wonderful music. My charm point is my face changing depending on the situation, i guess. Just when i want to meet our fans in Japan, we were decided to do the opening act in BIGBANG’s dome tour. I’m really happy. Please kindly support us in the future!


Kang Seung yoon My dream is to become an iconic group.

My dream is to become an ‘icon’ like our seniors Big Bang and 2NE1, who [insert phrase I fail to read] popularization . From children to elderly folks, I want to become a group that can emphasize with all age groups . A characteristic of my personality is to earnestly engage in everything, so I may scold (the members ) a lot. These days I’m into composing, styling, and fashion items. I’m excited for the day that I’ll get to meet everyone, so please wait a little! We’ll show you the handsome side of us! I love you~

Translated by fy!winner

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