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[FANTAKEN/FANACCOUNT] 131118 Seung Yoon and Taehyun Spotted on the Streets of Shibuya

Alternative Title: The Adventures of KangNam in Shibuya (thought of this title just for fun keke. /Admin Jaybee)


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Here’s a little observation:

ksy writing


Their board is like “If you like our song, please drop in some yen” kkk

@bb_21_gee: What!? What are they doing now!? They show the board “plz Listen to our song ♡”

@3_a316 ほんっとよかった;_;こんな偶然あるんだね もう終わっちゃって車のって帰ってっちゃったよ;_;
[TRANS] It was great, will we meet by fate again. They left riding their car ; _ ;

@3_a316 たぶんYGオンエアー?かなYouTubeのでみれると思う^ ^ うちらうつるかもwwww”
[TRANS] Is it for YG ON AIR? Maybe we will see it on Youtube ^^

[TRANS] The money in their guitar bag were coins that Seungyoon got from his own wallet. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!!

[INFO] They performed HaruHaru, Smile Again and Snow Flower (cr:bb_21_gee)

@3_a316 They shook hands with the fans!

@3_a316 When they started performing, the wind picked up and their papers were flying everywhere. They were saying “Bad wind!””

Source: @3_a316 | @xa123_yx | @yuichin0610 | @yooochan0129 | @940510S2 | DC GALLERY | onewomansubs | ksyupdates | KANGSEUNGYOONSG

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