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[FANTAKEN/FANACCOUNT] 131112 Winner Spotted


我知道你在理发型.. 别这么萌好吗~ PIC CR kumi4513

Trans: I know you’re styling your hair PIC CR


甩正面了~妹妹旁的的确是妈妈哦 南妹笑了呢… 而且我想这是蹲点图吧 感觉周围人很多 还有人在递东西呢~ cr kumi4513

Trans : Can see his face better~ It’s his mom beside the younger sister, Nam sister smile… I think this place is a place of attention, people handed things too~cr


闵浩&胜勋&振宇~ 大眼你终于粗线了!!!!! 好开心~~

Trans: MinHo&SeungHoon&JinWoo~ You guys finally appear!!!! So happy~~


【饭拍】太铉&胜允 … 激动了 终于又看见你们了[泪]背影也满足..[可怜][可怜] cr kumi

Trans [ FanTaken] TaeHyun&SeungYoon… so excited, finally can see you guys again. back view is also enough.. cr kumi


原博手一抖.. 南妹就成这样了… 南妹对不起!!! PIC CR kumi4513

Trans: Because the hand of the fan shaken…Nam Sister’s face became like this… sorry Nam sister!!!PIC CR kumi4513


【更正】太铉身旁的女的不是太铉妈妈哦… 之前看错了~ PIC CR kumi4513

在YG大楼外看到了太铉 他皮肤很白皙人也长得很高 现实生活中本人更帅~ 虽然他没有推特账号但是我看见了他的确在看推特~ 问了关于出道的事 他把我们当做朋友一样告诉我们 “我们出道肯定大发 请期待哦” .. 本人真的很可爱善良 一点儿也不装酷~ 现在起我是太铉的饭了!! CR usuppo 翻译BY NamTaeHyun

Trans: [Correction] The female beside TaeHyun is not TaeHyun’s mom…  I had mistaken~ PIC CR kumi 4513

Outside of YG Building, saw TaeHyun, his skin is pale(white) and he’s tall. He’s more handsome in real life~ Although he doesn’t have Twitter account, but he’s looking at Twitter ~ Ask him about Debut, he assume us as his friend and answer us “Our Debut sure will become a big hit, please wait for it”… he is so cute and kind-hearted, he doesn’t act cool~Starting from now, I’m a TaeHyun’s Fan !! CR usuppo translate by NamTaeHyun

Translated by Diana@WeloveSeungYoon
Source: NamTaeHyun@weibo
Photo Credits to @kumi4513

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