[NEWS/VID] 131106 Winner Interview on YTN (with Translations)


A group who hasn’t formally debut yet is gaining hot responses here and overseas.

It’s the group, ‘WINNER’, who has been 100% selected by the viewers’ votes. Let’s find out what kind of charms they possess from Reporter Lee Yeo Jin.


The new boy group from YG, eight years after Big Bang, WINNER, has become the focus of everyone’s attention.

WINNER, who is set to debut late next month, has taken over Japan, Thailand and 4 other countries’ iTunes charts.

They have also entered the US iTunes charts which has a lot of fierce competition.

Nikkan Sports News, Sankei Sports News, and 6 other Japanese newspapers has the birth of group WINNER as their cover stories.

[INTERVIEW: Kang Seungyoon, WINNER Leader]

“There’s a saying where you walk in one straight road to face your dreams. It’s about not letting yourself fall off into different roads and how hard you’ve worked to get to the very end of that path. It’s the feeling of having that ‘something’ right in front of your eyes and all you have to do now is ‘Go up.’”

‘WINNER’ was in a TV program for 2 months where they won in a contest of viewers’ votes.

It’s not just our country but also fans in China, Thailand, and other countries in Asia and all over the world that have shown their interest for them.

Because it’s a survival program that’s 100% decided by the viewers’ votes, their victory is very much reassuring.

[INTERVIEW: Nam Taehyun, WINNER member]

“Rather than feeling like ‘we had to win this’, we made that stage to our satisfaction and we made it our goal to get off that stage after just ‘having fun’. In the past battles we would always be immersed in the thoughts of either ‘winning or losing’, so we strived to just enjoy that final stage…”

Their appearances are so handsome that they look like they’ve jumped out of a comic book and they also possess strong skills. They don’t seem like rookies and with their comfortable presence on stage, they have captured the hearts of many fans.

We are anticipating what kind of image they will show us as the opening act of BIG BANG’s Dome Tour this month.

[INTERVIEW: Kang Seungyoon, ‘WINNER’ Leader]

“We’re working hard to stand in front of everyone with a more improved and developed image. We are still practicing hard until late into the night. Please watch over us a lot and give us your support.”

This has been YTN Lee Yeo Jin.

Source: Ty Vu@youtube
Translated by JENI @onewomansubs

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