[NEWS] 131106 YG Rookie ‘WINNER’, “What if you lost?” My head would explode.

“I don’t even want to imagine it.”

YG Entertainment’s WINNER from the debut project ‘WHO IS NEXT:WIN’, we asked WINNER (Kang Seungyoon, Lee Seunghoon, Kim Jinwoo, Nam Taehyun, Song Minho) how it would’ve been like if they didn’t win.

Compared to the short meeting with My Daily, they told us their thoughts about their long journey on ‘WIN’. Surviving an unprecedented survival program and even winning, the WINNER members who seized the opportunity said, “Even though it was a very long and difficult process, I’m happy and relieved that we’re able to debut in the end.”

The show was made to be very competitive and heated to maximize the charm of a survival. Team A becomes the WINNER and unfortunately, Team B becomes eliminated. From the biggest judge representative, Yang Hyun Suk CEO, they got favourable and harsh words and it really was a line between heaven and hell. It was a battle where they didn’t know who would win.

The reporter asked the members, “If you lost, what would you be doing right now?”
Kim Jinwoo said with a delicate expression, “I think I would be at my wit’s end.”
Lee Seunghoon replied, “I would be at my wit’s end in Busan.” The other members nodded their head in sympathy.

After going through a fierce competition, the members are faced with pressure and their own hopes with their upcoming debut. WINNER said, “We’ll return the favour to all the people who have given us love. Although it won’t be easy, we’ll work our hardest and become the best” as they raised their fist into the air.

Meanwhile, this upcoming November and December, WINNER will be the opening act for BIG BANG’s Dome Tour. After that in late december or early January, the new group will be making their debut.

Source: MyDaily via Nate
Translated by JENI @onewomansubs

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