[NEWS] 131104 ‘YG Rookie’ WINNER’s thoughts on “debuting by winning over Team B”

(TV REPORT=Kim Ye Na) YG Entertainment’s rookie group, ‘WINNER’, also knows as Team A at the time, confessed that they were not expecting Team B’s loss.

Confirmed debuting members (Kang Seungyoon, Nam Taehyun, Song Minho, Lee Seunghoon, and Kim Jinwoo) met up recently with TV Report unable to hide their excitement. However, they were also very apologetic towards the post-poned debut of Team B (B.I, Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yoonhyung, Goo Junhoe, and Kim Donghyuk).

For every viewer text voting result, Team B was always just a few steps behind Team A. However, the young Team B with firm teamwork and confidence received high points on stage.

Accordingly, Leader Kang Seungyoon says, “I had thoughts that Team B would debut and Team A would be dropped. It wasn’t just me but of course, all of our members had thoughts that we could lose too.” He added, “Ironically, the more we dismissed the (thoughts of losing), the more our teamwork improved and the more comfortable we were on stage. As I thought about it later, those times were very important to us.”

Lee Seunghoon added, “Although we lost during the first battle, honestly, before that we lost as well. And so I felt like I was shrinking. Since that situation was a formal battle and we’ve lost again. And so, we slowly thought ‘Could we still win this?’ From that moment on, we slowly eased our hearts and just did what we loved to do.” He explained, “That’s why the results got a lot better after that.”

The confirmed debuting Team A members revealed that they are working hard in practice with Team B. Kang Seungyoon said, “We’re continuously practicing in the practice room.” He added, “Since nothing is further decided yet, we haven’t officially gone to the YG Office and we’re still practicing with the Team B members in the practice rooms.”

Trans by : JENI@onewomansubs
Source: Daum

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