[NEWS] 131104 How YG rookie WINNER member Song Minho felt when Team A’s leader was switched from himself to Kang Seungyoon


When Song Minho was asked how he felt when the leader was changed to Kang Seungyoon, he answered, “I was upset(laughs). I was happy for the team and as the team member, but I coudln’t help but think to myself ‘did we lose (against Team B) all this time because I was bad at being the leader?’ I felt so shameful ( as a bad leader). However, I thought that thinking that way would only have a negative impact on me so i tried really hard to stop thinking that way. I tried to enjoy what happened. To be honest,  I was thankful that Seungyoon was able to do so well.”

Kang Seungyoon then added his honest things, “I felt a little sorry(for Song Minho).”

Lee Seunghoon, “Also it wasn’t because Seungyoon was good at leading and Minho was bad at leading. It was just the timing that was a coincidence. Minho followed really well and worked hard even after the leader was changed.”

Trans by : big_seunghyun
Source: Nate

Alternate Trans——————–

Rookie group WINNER, Song Minho, from WIN’s Team A revealed his honest thoughts about the leader replacement.

The WINNER members sealed for debut, Kang Seungyoon, Song Minho, Lee Seunghoon, Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinwoo recently visited our TV Report office located in Seoul Gangnam district, Nonhyeon-dong. The members did not know how to react but to give their warm thanks for their growing popularity and hot interest.

When WIN first began, Team A’s leader was Song Minho. However, after his injury the leader was replaced to Kang Seungyoon. Following that, Kang Seungyoon was confirmed as the leader.

About Kang Seungyoon replacing him as the leader, Song Minho revealed, “I was upset. (Laughs) I was happy for the team but I thought, ‘Did we lose all that time because I was unable to do well?’ However, those kinds of thoughts could be very damaging to myself so I tried my best to not think about that. I just tried to enjoy the situation.” He continued, “In any case, I’m very thankful that Seungyoon has done well.”

Kang Seungyoon who was beside him conveyed his honest thoughts, “I was a bit sorry. (For Song Minho)”

Lee Seunghoon added, “Honestly, we actually call Song Minho “ex-leader” amongst ourselves.” causing the members to laugh altogether.

Also, “Also it’s not only because Kang Seungyoon became the leader that we have done well. It’s also just because the timing was right. Minho has followed along well too after the leader replacement and he’s worked very hard.” showing off the affection between Song Minho and Kang Seungyoon.

WINNER is the first boy group from YG Entertainment after Big Bang. They have been decided from the survival program, “WHO IS NEXT: WIN” between Team A and Team B. Team A became the final winning team and will be making their upcoming debut.

Translated by JENI @onewomansubs

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