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[FANACCOUNT] 131028 Wild Winner Spotted

A B.I. fan bumped into the Winner boys on 28/10, and here is a short report with the photos. Credit to 灵魂长卷发KK.




Kang Seungyoon, Song Mino



I called out to Seungyoon, so he smiled and bowed towards me a couple of times. When I said, “Anneyong”, he waved at me — a really good kid.



Lady Nam**, I was so shocked when he came up to me that I couldn’t get a photo in time… When I called out to him, he turned and smiled slightly at me.


Now Lee Seunghoon is here, he came over when I called him. He then touched my cellphone, and said, “Sorry, baby.” (T/N:perhaps because he can’t take photos with fans?)


I try not to encourage stalking the boys, but these photos make them look so tall that I couldn’t resist. Seungyoon and Mino look like giants/models. *___*

** Bonus info: Taehyun’s most popular nickname on Chinese social networking sites is 南妹 (Sister Nam / Lady Nam), kekeke.

Source: 灵魂长卷发KK@weibo
Translated by Jo via

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