[NEWS] 131102 ‘The Second Big Bang’ WINNER stated…”To me, Yang Hyun Suk is…”

Practice, battle, practice, battle, practice, battle and finally debut. Winner becoming ‘The Second Big Bang’ stated, “To us, Yang Hyun Suk CEO is…”

The WINNER members who are finally making their debut (Kang Seungyoon, Nam Taehyun, Song Minho, Lee Seunghoon, and Kim Jinwoo) met up recently with TV Report and couldn’t hide their thrill. However, they also showed their apologetic hearts to Team B (B.I, Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yoonhyung, Goo Junhoe, Kim Donghyuk) who must now wait for their debut. The long training period that seemed to go on with no end is finally coming to a close for the WINNER members. And so we asked them, what did they think of YG Entertainment when they were going through their most difficult times? “And so, to WINNER what is YG CEO?”

Nam Taehyun, “To me, Yang Hyun Suk is like a strict father.”

Lee Seunghoon, “Yang Hyun Suk is a religion. He exists for us to worship him unconditionally. You can call him, YangGod? (Laughs) When I participated in ‘KPOP STAR’, Yang Hyun Suk saw my potential and chose me. It’s because of his choice that got me to where I am now. And so I’ve gained trust for Yang Hyun Suk CEO.

Kim Jinwoo said, “Yang Hyun Suk CEO is a chameleon.
Just like a chameleon changes its skin colour, Yang CEO also changes his image.
At times, he is strict and then other times he’s like an angel. He’s cheered us on and gave us strength throughout the entire battle.”

Song Minho, “To me, Yang Hyun Suk CEO is like a monsoon. His harsh remarks for me represents the rain. However, I also think he is my umbrella who makes these opportunities for me.” (Thinks again)
Of course, YG is also my love. (Laughs)”

Kang Seungyoon, “Yang Hyun Suk CEO is a father to me. Actually, I don’t have a father who’s beside me so to me, he really is like my own dad.
CEO came to my aid when I was astray. Honestly, whenever I was having a hard time to the point that I would faint, he was always there.
Back then, I got strength from CEO’s words. I’m really thankful for him.”

Source: TVReport
Translated by jeni@onewomansubs

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