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[NEWS] 131029 YG WIN, ‘FINALE BATTLE’ Songs Top 4 Countries’ iTunes Charts!


Topping Charts before Official Debut, Enthusiastic Response from Overseas

“FINAL BATTLE”, a single album of Team A and B of “WHO IS NEXT:WIN” (WIN) which is YG Entertainment (YG)’s project for debut of its new boy band, has topped iTunes album charts in four countries.

WIN’s digital album “FINAL BATTLE” which was released on the 28 has topped iTunes charts of Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam, receiving extraordinarily enthusiastic response even though WINNER has not debuted yet.

Plus, the album has got off to a good start in the USA, being ranked in the 62nd place.

The release of the songs of the final battle is a surprise gift for fans who have spared no support and affection for WIN. “FINAL BATTLE” has total four songs including its double title “Go Up” of Team A and “CLIMAX” of Team B, as well as two different versions of “JUST ANOTHER BOY”, a song for “same track different song” mission which was given by YG producer Teddy.

Even though the four songs are written by trainees who haven’t debut yet, they are attracting keen attention from overseas. Notably, six major sports daily news in Japan made headlines about “WINNER” on the 27, spotlighting the process of the birth of YG’s new boy band. Since WINNER is to debut in Japan, “FINAL BATTLE”’s ranking in the top place in Japan’s iTunes chart is all the more meaningful achievement.

“WIN” is also drawing attention with its high popularity in China. WIN’s final battle which was live-broadcasted on the 25 on China’s biggest video-streaming site Youku recorded 2 million views and the maximum number of connectors reached 30,000, proving the show’s popularity in the country. Each of 10 WIN episodes has recorded 1.2 million views on average and Team B has been in the top search word list on Weibo, China’s Twitter, several times after the live-broadcast of the show.

In addition, Russian fans have shown a consistent interest in “WIN” as well, by producing a dance cover video where they dance Team B’s dance for the final battle and sharing it with fans around the world. It is just one of the cases which prove WIN’s popularity beyond Asia.

Since WIN members are getting such enthusiastic response from overseas fans even though they have not debuted yet, many people are paying keen attention to how much popularity they will enjoy globally in the future after they make official debut.

Meanwhile, Team A who has been selected as WINNER after three battles is beginning preparations for their debut in earnest.

Source: YGFamily

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