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“WHO IS NEXT:WIN”, YG Entertainment’s survival show for selection of its new boy band, which ended on the 25, is sweeping top ranks of music charts with its music released on the 28, proving unending popularity.

The songs released at noon on the day are the four songs sung at WIN’s final battle. They include “Go Up” written by Team A, “Climax” written by Team B, and two different versions of “Just Another Boy”, written by YG’s head producer Teddy and arranged and rewritten by Team A and B in their own styles. As of the 2pm on the 28, “Go Up” is showing the biggest momentum among those four songs. It is ranked in the 2nd place on four charts, Bugs,, Genie, and Cyworld, and in the 4th place on Mnet and Soribada charts.

“Climax” is following “Go Up”. “Climax” is in the 3rd place on Bugs, Cyworld Music, and Genie. It is ranked high on Soribada and Mnet as well, in the 5th and 8th places respectively.

Team A and B versions of “Just Another Boy” are in the top 10 place as well. The two songs are neck-and-neck on music charts, with Team A’s version being ranked 6th on Bugs, 7th on Cyworld, and 6th on Genie, and Team B’s version 5th on Bugs, 7th on Genie, and 10th on Soribada.

“WIN” was a survival show where the members of YG’s first new boy band in eight years were selected. The show succeeded in attracting many fans’ attention, with the talent of the trainees who have been trained at YG for up to three years, as well as their good look. As many as 3,000 fans gathered at High-Touch Meeting which was held before the show ended, proving its high popularity. The release of the four songs was also decided at the request of fans.

Based on the already-formed fandom and the interest of the public, all WIN songs are sweeping top places in music charts.

“Go Up” was composed by Gang Seung Yoon and Song Min Ho, and its lyrics were written by Gang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, and Song Min Ho. As its title shows, the song expresses Team A members’ resolution to “go to the top”. It begins in a rather toned-down mood, but soon turns into a positive and upbeat dance music, which gives a promising and hopeful message.

Team B’s title song “Climax” was composed by B.I and Bobby, and all the members of Team B including B.I, Bobby, Kim Jin Hwan, Song Yoon Hyung, Goo Jun Hwe, and Kim Dong Hyuk took part in writing the song’s lyrics. It has a powerful rap, appealing melody in the latter part, as well as a splendid string section and R&B part, which touched the audience of the final battle, by expressing their earnest and desperate wish for debut, focusing on honesty and sincerity.

Meanwhile, Team A, selected as the final winner of “WIN”, begins preparations for debut as boy band in earnest.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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