[RADIO/TRANS] 130812 Seung Yoon Talks About Lee Jong Suk and f(x)’s Krystal on SBS Power FM


Host (Park So Hyun): Do you still keep contact with Krsytal and Lee Jong Suk?

KSY: Yes, we contact each other very often. With Soojung, this time our promotion periods happen to be the same…

Host: Yes, f(x) activities… Oh, this is on a personal note, Krystal and Lee Jong Suk and I visit the same shop together, I want to talk about it but then it would be off-topic from Kang Seung Yoon-ssi, so let me see…
On SNS, Lee Jong Suk uploaded the messages that Kang Seung Yoon sent to himself, and it became a hot topic among netizens. Let me read out the dialogue — ”Hyung-ah, hyung-ah, my song is out, please listen to it~ T.T”, then he says, “Of course I’ve listened to it, kid”… “Hyung, you are completely popular these days, please promote for me” and Lee Jong Suk gives a reply of “ogu ogu”. Why are you guys talking like this?

KSY: No., hyung is… I mean, I don’t usually talk in this style, but hyung has so much aegyo.

Host: Yes, he really does.

KSY: So because Jongsuk-hyung does so much aegyo, I would, like…

Host: Follow him?

KSY: Yeah, I’ll follow him and do it.

Host: Lee Jong Suk is really different from his image in ‘I Hear Your Voice’, he really has a lot of aegyo in real life. But if it is this kind of live broadcast, even just proposing a live broadcast will make his face turn red with shyness.

KSY: Yes, that’s exactly true. (laighs)

Host: Even just telling him about the schedule of a live broadcast, his face will become red. So he keeps saying that he has to be on live broadcast with other people, because if he does it by himself, live broadcast would be too hard. So we were thinking about Seo In Guk… but if we had known earlier that Kang Seung Yoon-ssi still keeps such close contact with him, perhaps we should have asked the two of you to do it together.

KSY: Yes…

Guest: Me too, I want to do it together.

Host: With Lee Jong Suk-ssi, right?

Guest: Yes, I like that man so much these days, so much.

Host: Yes, you like him so much. You should ask him about Lee Jong Suk, since Kang Seung Yoon knows him well.

Guest: How does he have such fair skin?

KSY: Hyung puts a lot of effort into skincare.

Guest: He does skincare? Yes, yes, you have to do it.

Host: These days, Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk are filming the swimming movie ‘No Breathing’, there are so many swimmers like Lee Jong Suk in that movie, like a hundred…

Guests: A hundred?

Host: Okay, it is more like 20… I haven’t watched the movie yet so I don’t know, but it is a movie about professional swimming-

Guest: Is the story important? Who cares about the content of the story?

Host: In any case, it is a movie with Lee Jong Suk, Seo In Guk and SNSD’s Yuri, so please give it a lot of love when it comes out. Does Kang Seung Yoon-ssi want to go to the premiere?

KSY: Of course, I want to go.

Guest: We keep talking about Lee Jong Suk, we should return to talking about music. (laughs)

Host: It’s not a Lee Jong Suk special today. Ah, does Lee Jong Suk sing well? Do you know?

KSY: Singing, well… ah, yes… he sings well…

Host: He does?

Guest: It seems like a lie.

Host: Wait, let him finish his sentence.

KSY: I haven’t actually heard him sing before.

Host: You’ve only seen his aegyo, right?

Source: 플레요@youtube
Translated by Jo via

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