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Now we know which team will be making a debut.

In a nutshell, Mnet’s ‘WIN’ is a real survival program that divides YG’s 11 trainees into Teams A and B for a fierce battle. The reward for winning the battles is a ticket to making a debut in the music world. The winning team will be given the group name WINNER when making a debut.

The last episode of ‘WIN’ aired live on Oct 25 determined the WINNER by adding the votes on live text messaging, website, social media and game. The number pointed to Team A. As the team seized victory in the previous two battles as well, their winning of the last battle means Team A gained success in all three battles.

That means Team B lost. But can we really say Team B lost? At an interview held before the program kicked off, YG Entertainment’s founder Yang Hyun Suk stated, “If the result is 51 to 49, and Team B loses, that still means Team B has secured a 49% fan base. That indicates Team B would have gained much public awareness, and that can help make the debut date sooner for them.”

When looking at ‘WIN’ as a real survival program, then surely Team A is the winner and Team B loser. But if viewing the program as a documentary for the trainees, then this is just a process of getting closer to their dreams. Like Yang Hyun Suk stated, both Teams A and B gained awareness and popularity no matter what the result said. Even before their official debut they secured a fan base, and they now have fans waiting for them.

Their dreams will be extended even after the 10-episode long program comes to an end. This is why this is not the end for the losing team, and the 11 trainees will be able to use this program to keep hope.

On the day, Akdong Musican, Lee Hi and Bang Ye Dam sang ‘Officially Missing You’, which the lyrics say “There are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd in having a dream, without the number I am the light that will lighten the dark.” Although the order of debut has been confirmed, the 11 trainees are lightening the dark.

‘WIN’, that captured the process of 11 trainees becoming professional artists, showed that Teams A and B are not simply competitors but friends who are running towards a mutual dream. The lyrics of rap by B.I., who is under 20, reads “Not alone, we shoulder the lives of five of us.” Team A, despite winning the competition, cried with Team B without being able to celebrate. ‘WIN’ has ended, but no one failed. The dreams of the 11 trainees continue to glow in the dark.

Source: Review Stars via YG-Life

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