[!!!] VOTE FOR TEAM A!!!!


TYPE : 1 or A

AND SEND IT TO +825353 / 00825353

You can use this This method is usually done by International fans to vote via text for their fave idols in Inkigayo.

You can also vote through your own phone too. It wont cost a lot. If you live in USA, per international text is worth $.20 only.

For Android (and iPhone) users, to be able to send free international text for free, you can download this this app >>

Hope these work for WIN too! But if it won’t, let’s go back to basics and vote via Daum and Kakaotalk.

How to vote via KakaoTalk:

  1. Download Kakaotalk (AndroidiPhone/iPadPC/MAC )
  2. Do an ID search for and add “@WIN” (be sure to include the “@” symbol).
  3. In the chatroom, type 투표 (or copy & paste from here) and send.
  4. Type 1 for Team A, or 2 for Team B and send.
  5. Type 1 for Yes and send.
  6. Type your name and send.
  7. Type your ten digit phone number (numbers only! no spaces or dashes) and send.
  8. Type 1 for male, or 2 for female and send.
  9. If you see this message, you’ve done it correctly:
    The next time you vote, you will only need to send 투표 and then 1 for Team A, or 2 for Team B.

How to vote via Daum:

  1. Register for a Daum account if you haven’t already. Use the tutorial here or here (you will be asked to confirm your password again at the end, this tutorial does not include it) or watch the beginning of YGWINNER1‘s video here.
  2. Go to the Offiical YG Event Page on Daum and cast your vote.

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