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YG Entertainment’s program ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’, a real survival program that is to determine the formation of the next boy group, exposed through unrevealed video clip the 11 members’ lovable charms, which came as a big ‘twist’ to many fans.

By using Daum website, YG Entertainment disclosed to the fans the unrevealed video clip that portrays the 11 members in a very honest, inartificial and loveable way, featuring their everyday life.

In the video clip, the 11 members are enjoying a barbeque party while also having a serious conversation about their battles on the show. They also cleared up the ‘hierarchy’ by figuring out who was born in 1993 or 1994, making younger ones call the older trainees ‘hyung’, which means older brother in Korean. Their serious and bubbly selves made them look evermore loveable.

They are not given the phase of childhood that most teenagers are privileged to have, but they enjoy playing dodge ball with paper cups amongst themselves, trying so hard to win. The video clip pictures the boys in a naïve way.

They also play quiz game, Team B’s members against Team A’s Song Min Ho. In the last quiz game of ‘common sense’, Team B’s oldest Kim Jin Hwan failed to get any question right, so this time he came back with this determination he calls ‘Jin Hwan’s counterattack’, and survives until the very end to seize victory. But other members including the youngest Kim Dong Hyuk tease him by telling him that “the winner gets the punishment”, and actually makes him receive punishment as a joke. Jin Hwan is normally portrayed as a charismatic one on stage, but his playful and loveable character with his members came to the fans as a big ‘twist’ of his personality.

Internet users who watched the clip commented, “Devoting all their energy into ‘paper cup dodge ball’, how lovely,” “They are so cute” and “His loveable charm is a twist.”

With only 5 days left until the final battle, all 11 members are arousing heated attention amongst the viewers. Voting will be available as soon as the live show kicks off. Text messaging will account for 60%, Daum website 20%, and Kakao Talk and Kakao Game ‘Fantasy Runners for kakao’ 20%. The 1st and the 2nd battles will each account for 20% of the final score, while the final battle will take up 60%.


Source: Osen via YG-Life

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